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This DIY fishing pole is probably the easiest thing you'll ever get to a DIY tutorial. Just in case you don't have any sort of background in fishing, this definitely will help you out!

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DIY Fishing Pole | Make the Simplest Fishing Rod

How to Make a Fishing Pole in the Wild

Fishing is one of the easiest ways to hunt for food when you have nothing in the wild. A short video near the end part shows how to turn a simple branch into a survival tool that will help you put food on the table.

We'll show you how to make a fishing rod out of a stick!

Materials Needed:

  • stick, preferably a branch
  • fishing line or string
  • fishing hook

Let's Begin the Fishing Pole DIY

Step 1: Start by Tying at the Handle

Tie a knot on the end of the stick to use as a handle.
Note: Do not tie the string to the end of the stick as the fish might break it off.

Step 2: Wind it Up!

Wind the line up to the tip of the stick.

Step 3: Another Tie

Tie another knot on the end of the stick.

Step 4: Time to Fish!

Tie on a hook and put your bait on!

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No one knows where we will be when disaster strikes. We could be at home or traveling, out at sea or up in the mountains.

What matters is that we are ready for whatever it is that may happen. The strategies that you have memorized and rehearsed will be applied and you will find out whether it is effective or not.

It is a mystery that cannot be solved with a single foolproof plan.

Wherever you may find yourself when SHTF, it is important to stay focused on surviving. Do not panic, and ignore the distractions.

Your primary goal is to preserve and protect your life and those of your loved ones and to stay alive for as long as possible.

For sure, there will be a shortage of food and water and there will be power outages especially in metropolitan areas. This is the reason preppers always think about bugging out.

The woods and forests nearby appeal to your sensible and survival-oriented self because there will always be food to be picked or hunted. A DIY fishing reel and pole will be one more tool to help you survive out there in the wild.

Here's how to build a DIY fishing pole using a stick by eHowSports:

All kinds of affordable fishing materials are available these days and practically everybody knows what a fishing rod looks like. The article simply shows how your fishing line should be attached to your make-shift fishing rod.

In this case, if the branch is not strong enough to hold the fish, the line still holds and your precious meal won't have a chance to escape.

Got your own DIY fishing pole design to share? Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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