DIY Doggy Cooling Vest

Walking your dog on a hot summer day can be a real torture for your furry friend. If only you could help him cool a bit and feel more alive on summer days. There actually is a great solution for this problem and its name is Cooling Doggy Vest. This is a DIY project, so you will need to find some free time and design the vest for your dog. You can use an old pair of pants and transform them, so you won’t have to spend money on textiles. Then the secret lies in the pockets of the vest which will be filled with flexible and light freezer gel pads, so your doggy will feel comfortable while walking on a hot afternoon.

Old worn out cargo pants
Plastic bag

Sewing machine
Fabric shears
Pins (safety or otherwise)
Measuring tape
Ironing board

Step 1: Cut out inside seam


Step 2: Cut out main shapes


Step 3: Hem edges


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