DIY Chicken Feeder NO MESS Bulk Cheap & Easy to Do!

If don’t want your yard to be messy because of feeding your animals or birds, the DIY bucket feeder might be the perfect solution! Forget about your chicken scattering food everywhere around the coop or the yard. With this DIY project, the entire process will be totally mess-free. If you want to end up with something like the one shown here, use a medium size bucket and three 70mm PVC elbows. Alternatively, if you want a bigger size feeder, use a 20L bucket and 6 PVC elbows. As far as required tools, you will need a knife, a permanent marker and ruler, a 70mm Hole Saw, drill, rivet gun and hot glue gun. Don’t forget to bring some hot glue or silicone, a clear plastic sheet and a few rivets….This is a really simple way to feed your chickens. What do you think?

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Step 2: ​Design

Step 3: Making the Holes

Step 4: Viewing Window

Step 5: Fill it Up

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