man made disasters

Human Made Disasters List

Here is a human made disasters list. We can be very destructive creatures and here is the proof and a list of what our species has done.

Disasters caused by humans include aviation (flying) accidents, arson (lighting a fire to burn something), CBRNs (where a country has a powerful weapon), civil disorder (where people riot or do crimes), power outages (where electricity is interrupted), public relations crises where a company must tell bad news, radiation contamination (where nuclear weapons are used or accidentally get out of control), disasters in space, a telecommunications outage (not being able to communicate), terrorism (where a group attacks civilians or says they will attack to gain something), and war (fighting with weapons between large groups)cyclones .


-Inflation and scarcity of resources

-Food famine



-Gas attack


-Plain crashes

-Train crashes

-Car crashes

-Biological attacks

-Mobs competing for resources


-Lack of medical supplies

-Hazardous waste

-Polluted water and air


-Nuclear fallout-where to go-what to do-how to prepare

-Tyranny and violent corruption


-Mind control

Surviving Human Caused Disaster

-barricading your home

-staying under the radar



-getting what you need beforehand

-getting what you need after the fact

-keeping a healthy immune system.

-quarantining your home from the outside world. Gas masks etc.

-making a splint

-bandaging a wound

-treating a sick patient

-wilderness first aid

-how to overthrow a corrupt government

-how to resist. Strength in numbers

-If a riot breaks out no more rules apply.


Living through a disaster To live through a disaster, it is important that your family and your city prepare in advance. This may be making a pack of things you need in an emergency, it may be a government sending soldiers to help, or it may be something in between.