world disasters


When a disaster strikes, it is usually sudden and without warning. Depending on your knowledge, skills and beliefs you will have a high or low probability of survival so you must begin to adjust your thinking now. Maybe you believe in global warming and you can link the disaster to climate change.


Maybe you believe in god. Maybe you believe in both or maybe you believe in nothing. Hopefully, either way, you have enough good sense and intelligence to see that we are in times of change and things are liable to drastically change overnight. If you think god will step in to save you, you may want to ask whether this is realistic or not. If you expect the government to help you, you could be sorely disappointed.

The bottom line is, if you want to survive you will need to depend on yourself more than anything else. To do this start by becoming informed about the possibilities of risk and preparing to help yourself and your loved ones survive any situation.

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