Dandelions: Not Just a Weed

shutterstock_175319606 Dandelions: Not Just a Weed

These Plants May Be More Beneficial Than You Think

There may come a time when we must stay on our own land to survive. A time when food is scarce and we can’t buy or sell (as predicted in Revelation in the Bible.) When that time comes we may need to rely on the plants growing on our own land to survive.

Even in the darkest of times, there is always a little light. Sometimes that light has a yellow tip, a green body, and a brown root.

A yellow flowered dandelion.

A yellow flowered dandelion.

The dandelion is a very edible “weed” found in almost every grassy area or lawn. People look at them as weeds because they are somewhat invasive. If you ask me, it’s a good thing that they are invasive because they make great survival food and will be abundant when other food is scarce.

Dandelions are very healthy for you and are full of vitamins. Here is some nutritional information:

dandelion nutrition facts

As you can see, dandelions are very healthy and may even save your life in a survival situation where food is scarce.

When gathering dandelions, remember that the whole plant is edible so you should pull up as much of it as you can. That said, the leaves are what you really want to get since they have the most nutritional value.

A dandelion in the seed bearing stage.

A dandelion in the seed bearing stage.

Once you finish gathering your dandelions, wash them all off — that is, if water is available. If not, just be sure the dandelions are clean enough to be eaten. Make sure there are no brown spots or any blemishes on the plant. The entire plant is edible so be sure to salvage all that you can.

You can eat the dandelion as is, you can boil it, or make tea from it. Dandelions to me taste like spinach.

Check out this dandelion tea recipe from our friends @PioneerSettler!https://t.co/pugaRDGr4q pic.twitter.com/0qHMgNXQl0

— Survival Life (@SurvivalLF) May 12, 2016

To make tea, bring some water to a boil. Cut up the dandelion leaves and put them in the boiling water. Let it seep for 2 minutes. Let it cool, then you can enjoy. You can add honey or sugar to add more flavor.

grow your own dandelions

If you don’t want this “weeds” in your lawn, you may want to consider farming them. They are extremely easy to garden. They only really need water and sun. Growing them in large buckets is ideal.

Check out this video to learn more about growing dandelions:

This nutritious and healthy survival “weed” can save your life. So next time you mow the lawn or pull out the weeds, think twice before you kill a dandelion.

Want to learn more about edible plants that could be useful in a survival situation? Check out this list of edible flowers from our friends at Pioneer Settler.

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