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Crossbow Shooting 101

crossbow 101 Crossbow Shooting 101

Tips Improve Your Crossbow Shooting Skills

Whether you’re a beginning hunter or a seasoned expert, you can always hone and improve your skills.

A crossbow is actually a great weapon for a beginning hunter as they take less strength and skill than a regular bow. According to

  • When using a traditional bow, an archer must draw, aim and shoot in fairly quick succession. The longer it takes the archer to aim, the more fatigued his arm will become, and the less accurate his shot will be. Being able to aim and shoot quickly requires lots of practice. But if the archer uses a crossbow, he can draw the string — or cock the crossbow — and leave it that way as long as he needs to.

  • An archer who isn’t very tall can’t use a very long bow. If he isn’t very strong, he also can’t draw the string on a powerful bow. In other words, a person’s size and upper body strength limit the size and strength of the bow he can use. With a crossbow, though, an archer can use his strongest muscle groups — the ones found in his thighs and buttocks — to draw the string. A crossbowman can even use tools like levers or cranks to supplement his strength. This means that a crossbowman can use a more powerful weapon than a traditional archer with the same amount of strength.

For some tips and tricks for shooting your crossbow, check out the video below.

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