Cowboy Bed Roll Instructions For Comfortable Camping

Want to know how to make a cowboy bed roll with your own efforts? While sleeping bags are convenient and popular these days, the cowboy bed roll has an old world charm reminiscent of the romantic Wild West. After all, bed rolls are the precursor of today's sleeping bags. Both have advantages and disadvantages where bedrolls come cheaper than sleeping bags. So in the debate of bedroll versus sleeping bag, it's really a matter of personal choice. If you're up for some adventure, this DIY cowboy bed roll is just perfect!

How to Make a Cowboy Bed Roll

What You Need to Make the Cowboy Bed Roll

The basic idea of a cowboy roll is a sleeping pad and a sleeping bag all rolled up in a big piece of canvas. This makes sleeping on the ground, under the stars, comfortable, warm, and weather-resistant. The canvas is waxed, but not waterproof. But if dew falls at night, you will not get soaked. So the canvas should be a little more than twice as wide as your sleeping pad and a little more than twice as long.

You can make these as big or small as you would like. For ease of carrying, we decided to make a roll the size of a full-size bed. We got a piece of canvas on Amazon. It was a 10’x 20’. We didn’t need all of the canvas, but we did not want it to be short either. We purchased a foam mattress from Ikea. They come all rolled up and fairly lightweight, so we figured it would work well.

Futon mattresses also work well. They are very comfortable. They can be heavy though. When you are looking for the perfect pad, decide what is right for you based on comfort, weight, and size. You can do this with a queen mattress. Roomier, but also heavier.


Step 1. Lay Out the Canvas

The cowboy roll is very simple to put together. Lay the canvas out. Lay the foot of the mattress at about the center point of the canvas with the width centered. Then, when you fold the canvas up over the mattress it should completely cover it.

Step 2. Fold and Roll

Fold and Roll | Cowboy Bed Roll Instructions For Comfortable Camping

Once that is done, take the sides and fold them in on each other over the top. Starting from the bottom, roll it up and secure it down.

Step 3. Secure

Secure | Cowboy Bed Roll Instructions For Comfortable Camping

My dad has really nice leather straps that tie his cowboy roll up. We just bought ratcheting tie-downs from the store to secure ours closed. It is easier to transport rolled up, but it is heavy and a little awkward. We put flannel sheets on the mattress with wool blankets for warmth. We wanted to camp in the snow, in a tent of course, but the canvas does offer that extra layer of protection in case the tent leaks a bit.

Cowboy Rollup Done in Three Easy Steps!

Cowboy Rollup Done in Three Easy Steps! | Cowboy Bed Roll Instructions For Comfortable Camping

These can be made in twin size, or sleeping bag size. Think one of those blue pads that are under $10 at Wal-Mart with a sleeping bag for a blanket wrapped in the canvas. That would be closer to the original cowboy rolls. These are made to be able to sleep under the stars with no tent. You are shielded from the elements with the canvas. We just adapted ours to be a luxurious bed away from home. More comfortable and warm than an air mattress. It is bigger. But for the same price of a double sleeping bag rated for zero degrees, you can have all the comfort of home on any trip.

You might also want to check out this easy-to-make winter Cowboy bedroll in this video from Far North Bush Craft and Survival:

Any self-respecting survivalist should learn to make a cowboy bed roll if they want comfort and safety out in the outdoor elements. We have to warn you, though. This is not something you would take backpacking! They are very comfortable but they can be very heavy. If you are traveling on horseback, a motorcycle, or four wheels, cowboy bedrolls for camping are just fantastic.

Which do you prefer between cowboy rollups and sleeping bags? Share your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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Placard | Cowboy Bed Roll Instructions For Comfortable Camping

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