Consider Living Off Grid

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Have you ever considered living off the grid? Looking for some inspiration to pursue your dream to live off the grid? Read on and be inspired and be inspired to get started.

Consider Living Off Grid

What is Living Off Grid?

“Living off grid is being capable of providing your own needs the natural way, simply without the help of any remote infrastructure and being totally independent of outside utilities.”

If you are already tired of your modern city lifestyle and thinking of living it all to have a simpler life as an off-gridders, but still have second thoughts because you don’t know how you can get started. Let our favorite Youtubers, Doug and Stacy help you with that. Doug and Stacy have been documenting their homesteading journey via video blogs, and I’m pretty you will also love them just like the many of their followers, including us.

Read our “OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY – Youtube Homesteading” post and learn more.

Hit play to start video below or watch it here.

Here’s a peek of what you can expect, it is Doug’s talking about “Just Doing It”.

  • You will not need hydro, solar panels, wind turbines.

You will not need hydro, solar panels, wind turbines. | Consider Living Off Grid

  • Without carpentry experience, Doug was able to build their log cabin in 90 days for only $15,000.

Without carpentry experience | Consider Living Off Grid

  • Live Free – don’t be like many other older people who says I wish I have done these and that.

Live Free | Consider Living Off Grid

Living off grid is rewarding. Being able to what things you wish to do and don’t do things you don’t want to.

Living off grid is rewarding | Consider Living Off Grid

  • Just Go For It. You got nothing to loss and with everything to gain.

Just Go For It | Consider Living Off Grid

  • Be a Doer of Living Off Grid. Don’t just be here watching living off grid videos but be a doer of living off grid.

Be a Doer of Living Off Grid | Consider Living Off Grid

Doug’s discussed a lot of great stuff in the video that I’m pretty sure you can simply do it and you’ll also find it rewarding just like Doug and Stacy.

Thanks for checking our Consider Living Off Grid post! Are you now ready to get started living off grid? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out more videos from OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY!

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