Most Comfortable Belly Band Holster Ever!

I’m fortunate enough to live in a firearms-friendly state, so I know the joys of the privilege of concealed carry firsthand. Yet just because I’ve got the right to do so doesn’t make it any easier to exercise my constitutional right – it seems impossible to find a decent CC holster that ticks all the boxes.

You’ve undoubtedly run into the problem, too – maybe you’ve tried and failed to find a good holster that doesn’t print and leave it obvious that you’re carrying. Even worse, you found a holster that holds your firearm safely, securely, and discreetly – but is incredibly uncomfortable, making it impossible to wear for extended periods of time.

Whatever it is, it’s a major pain. It’s also potentially dangerous – you don’t want to ever need your firearm and not be able to access it. What’s a responsible gun owner to do?

Finally I Discovered The Most Comfortable CCW Belly Band Holster

Finally, it happened – I’d had enough of bulky, obvious CC holsters. I’d resigned to either not carrying (which I hate) or being incredibly uncomfortable and self-conscious (which can be just as bad).

And then, I found it. The Rev-Tac belly holster.

This is easily the most comfortable belly band holster I’ve ever strapped on myself. I’m a pretty big guy, but this thing fits waists of up to 44 inches with ease. No digging, no chafing, no cutting off of circulation – and the band felt great up against my skin. Not even a pinch.

Comfort is a big plus when it comes to the Rev-Tac but that’s not even the best part for me. I’m left-handed, so it was fantastic to discover that this belly band holster can be used right or left draw. Not only that, but it can accommodate everything from my subcompact Taurus Millennium to my full-size Ruger SR1911. That’s pretty damned good for an IWB holster if you ask me!

This CC holster comes with a bonus retention strap to more safely secure your firearm. The strap’s metal clip ensures a silent draw – no buttons to snap here! Finally, Rev-Tac throws in an extra pocket for anything you’d like to stash – a phone, your ID, some emergency cash, or even a spare mag to be on the safe side.

Get Them While They’re Hot

The absolute best part about this Rev-Tac belly band is its price. I couldn’t believe it, but it was just $39 – a full $10 off its retail price of $49. Even better, if you order more than one directly from the company they’ll give you an even bigger discount, dropping the price to $32 each if you buy 5. And they even throw in free shipping!

Honestly, this is the best IWB CC holster I’ve ever gotten my hands on. I’m going to order a few more – at such a great price they’ll make a fantastic gift for all my CC buddies. Who knows how long Rev-Tac is running this special for, so be sure to get your belly band holster while you can!

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