Colorful Victorian Tiny House for a Female Firefighter

How about adding a bit of color into your life? Take the example of this tiny house built in a Victorian style and run with it. The 176 sq. ft. structure, named Ravenlore, is actually a house on wheels. But that’s not the thing that makes you remember it for the entire week, it is the bright colors. The designers used a playful color scheme on the exterior to impresses in a good way. The interior is not something to ignore. It entails a superb use of space and tasty furnishing. With just under $60,000, the home also features a solar power system and lots of creative solutions for storage. Watch the video below to get a closer look of what all mobile homes should really be about: color and joy. Just imagine a ride with this piece of style around the country!

Nicki’s finished tiny home cost her just under $60,000 and features gingerbread trim, colorful siding, unique metal roofing, solar power, a combo washer/dryer and an incinerating toilet. Nicki also chose to have french doors on the side of her home as well as a front entrance way…. A story by Tiny House Giant Journey

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