Choosing the Best Firewood

choosing firewood

We’ve already taught you how to build a campfire, but how do you know which wood you should be using?

Of course, most of the time it will simply depend on what you have available to you. Different types of trees and wood are common in different areas, and chances are the wood you use will be whichever one is most readily accessible.

Still, there will be times when you have a choice, especially if you are purchasing the wood from a store or supplier instead of procuring it.

Do you know how to tell the different types of wood apart? Do you know which ones make the best firewood, and why?

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The chart below from Garden Reboot lists several of the most common firewood types, along with their benefits and drawbacks. This is really useful information if you ever find yourself wondering which wood to use to build your fire.

What’s your favorite firewood?

choosing the right firewood

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