10 Upgrades For Your Bug Out Bag

The thing about building a bug out bag is that you’re never actually done. No matter how perfect you think your configuration is, sooner or later you’ll find a way to improve on it. Maybe you’ll find a better piece of gear, or a lighter alternative to something kind of heavy, or an item you […]

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How to Bow Hunt Small Game for Survival

What’s that? Bowhunting? What is this, the middle ages? I’m sure you thought something like that when you read the title. I get it, we have guns nowadays. Powerful ones at that, so what’s the point in using a primitive weapon like a bow and arrow to hunt food? That seems like reasonable enough logic, […]

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6 Best Budget-Friendly Knives For Preppers

One of the most critical items for any prepper to have, without question, is a knife. And the best type of knife to have, in my opinion, is a tactical folding knife. This type of knife is both convenient to carry in your everyday life while also being suitable for both defensive and utilitarian uses. […]

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12 Underrated Prepping Items

There are certain items that can be incredibly useful in a survival scenario, yet they don’t usually make it onto people’s survival shopping lists. A great example is aluminum foil. It can be used to grow plants, catch fish, start a fire, cook food, collect rainwater, signal for help, and many other things. It makes […]

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10 Vegetables That Even New Gardeners Can’t Mess Up

You know that home-grown vegetables taste great. You also like the fact that with a home garden, you can save money and avoid harmful pesticides. Perhaps you’ve even experienced the satisfaction that comes with growing your own food. But what if you’ve never had much of a green thumb? If you lack gardening experience, starting […]

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EMP or Power Outage? How to Tell the Difference

One of the most worrisome threats that the United States faces is an EMP. With just a single nuclear weapon, a hostile force could dismantle a majority of the nation’s electrical grid, rendering everything from major power plants all the way down to hand-held electronics inoperable. Of course, an EMP detonation certainly isn’t the only […]

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