5 Ways To Light Your Home After An EMP

Few disasters pose more potential for devastation than an EMP. With just a single nuclear weapon, a hostile force could knock out the electricity over an entire continent, rendering everything from the power grid to small electronic devices inoperable. While you are going to have many problems should your country ever be hit with an […]

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Where To Hide Your Survival Supplies During Martial Law

If and when the government declares martial law following a major disaster, it will always be under the pretense of safety and security for the general public. What this really means is the government is going to cut off all the roads, suspend your Constitutional rights, spread propaganda, arrest those who resist or whoever they […]

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Top 10 Vehicles for the Apocalypse

If you live in the city when a widespread disaster strikes, you may have no choice but to bug out to a safer location. The problem is, everyone else will be bugging out, too. All the roads out of town will become parking lots as everyone scrambles to leave at the same time. In order […]

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31 Outdoor Survival Skills For The True Outdoorsman

If you’re a true outdoorsman, you’ve got the outdoor survival skills to endure anything the great outdoors throws your way. So I have to ask… are you a true outdoorsman? In this article: Camping Survival Skills Outdoor Survival Hacks Using Everyday Items Camping in the Rain Outdoor Survival Skills Defensive Survival Skills Fire-Building Survival Skills […]

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30+ Ways To Use Everyday Items For Survival

Image via Joe Haupt / CC BY-SA 2.0 As a homesteader, you strive to be prepared for emergencies. You have an extended food supply, a well-stocked first-aid kit, and back-up plans for loss of power. However, when a disaster strikes, even the best-laid plans can go awry. You may be in a place where those […]

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10 Natural Survival Shelters To Look For In The Wild

Nature Can Be Brutal. It Can Also Be Generous. You Just Have to Recognize the Gift When Nature Presents It. Most of us have the basic knowledge to build a lean-to in the woods. The design is simple, the materials are available, and the concept is obvious. And it can take an hour or two […]

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