How to make a Speaker Ammo Can Boom Box

DIY How to make a Speaker Ammo Can Boom Box

image source: [] Who Else Wants to Make Their Own Ammo Can Speaker Box For Cheap? And best of all… you probably have most the stuff sitting around your house. You might have an old ammo can box laying around or you can easily get your hands on one from a army navy store. Here’s […]

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DIY How to Build a Cabin in 7days for Under $5k

Who Else Wants to Build Their Own Cabin in 7 days for Under $5000 Do you need a little cabin you can build in the woods? Without going into debt? Do you have limited building skills but would still like to build a cabin yourself? Here’s a way to build a cabin inexpensively and have a […]

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pallet swiming pool

DIY How to Make a Swimming Pool With 10 Pallets

source from Everyone loves an awesome swimming pool to take a dip in on a hot summer day. But no one likes the costs that go with them and the maintenance to keep them going. Today I have an Epic way to build your own DIY swimming pool out of 10 pallets that almost […]

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diy how to make a stainless steelo still

DIY How to Make a Simple Stainless Steel Still

    Discover how to make a dead simple stainless steel still that can make you some of the best and most powerful alcohol you have ever had.   This may actually shock you how easy it is to make your own moonshine or alcohol from scratch. Before the consumer age we are living in […]

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