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Looking for cajeta recipes? If you want to see where you can use your homemade cajeta, I have a few suggestions you can try.

Cajeta Recipes

I never really valued my goats until I learned to make cajeta. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s sweetened caramelized goat’s milk and it have never tasted so good. I instantly fell in love with it and with my curiosity, I decided to look for delicious recipes I can use it with. So if you also want to savor the goodness cajeta has to offer, just check out this list. You can thank me later.

I’m sure you’ll want to have everything homemade. So before we get started, find out how to make your homemade cajeta first with this recipe!

Homemade Cajeta | Cajeta Recipes

Cajeta Recipes

1. Gooey Alfajores

Gooey Alfajores | Cajeta Recipes

image via Serious Eats

These little sandwich cookies will bring you so much joy. Just try not to finish one batch by yourself. Get the recipe here.

2. Caramel Empanadas

Caramel Empanadas | Cajetas Recipes

image via Lexi Michelle Blog

You may be used to having your empanadas filled with meat or something salty. It’s time for a change. See it here.

3. Caramel Apple Tartlets

Caramel Apple Tartlets | Cajetas Recipes

image via Will Cook for Friends

It doesn’t just look good, it tastes good too! Get the recipe here.

4. Cajeta Candy

Cajeta Candy | Cajeta Recipes

image via The Novice Chef Blog

Chewy cinnamon milk candy, translated to English, I can already imagine the taste. See how you can make it here.

5. Bourbon Cajeta Apple Butter Goat Cheese Cheesecake

Bourbon Cajeta Apple Butter Goat Cheese Cheesecake | Cajeta Recipes

image via Stetted

If you love cheesecake, you’ll love this cheesecake recipe with a twist. Check it out here.

Want to make something more with your goat’s milk? Try making goat cheese!

6. Cajetas de Coconut

Cajetas de Coconut | Cajeta Recipes

image via Food Swoon

Also known as coconut truffles. They’re bite-size goodness you’ll just love to pop. See how you can make it here.

7. Roasted Pears with Cajeta

Roasted Pears with Cajeta | Cajeta Recipes

image via Desserts for Breakfast

If you love pears, I’m sure you’ll love this easy dessert recipe you can make for dinner or breakfast!

8. Popcorn and Salted Cajeta Cake

Popcorn and Salted Cajeta Cake | Cajeta Recipes

image via Chew Town

Sweet, salty and tart. You’ll love the combination of flavors in this yummy cake. Get the recipe here.

9. Caramel Banana Bread

Caramel Banana Bread | Cajeta Recipes

image via Healthy Delicious

Take your banana bread to the next level by adding cajeta. You’ll love this version better. See it here.

10. Baked Brie with Cajeta Fruits and Nuts

Baked Brie with Cajeta Fruits and Nuts | Cajeta Recipes

image via Bell’alimento

You can never go wrong with baking brie. And the

11. Tres Leches Caketini

Tres Leches Caketini | Cajeta Recipes

image via Snappy Gourmet

Is it a cocktail? Is it a dessert? It’s both! Super easy you can make it in just 5 minutes. See how here.

12. Gelatina Cajeta

Gelatina Cajeta | Cajeta Recipes

image via Sweet Cannela

A dessert super easy to make, your family will surely love it. Recipe here.

13. Salted Bourbon Caramel Pops

Salted Bourbon Caramel Pops | Cajeta Recipes

image via Autumn Makes and Does

Craving for something cold and sweet? This homemade popsicle will surely hit the spot. Check it out here.

Want to try adding cajeta on your drink? Try this recipe from Cocina al Natural, it’s in Spanish but I’m sure a little subtitle will do the trick:

Which cajeta recipe are you trying today? Let us know below in the comments!

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