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Want to know how to build your own keyhole garden? If you’d like to try a new gardening technique, then this is really something you should look into! It’s a great practical way to have access to your garden bed.

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Building a Keyhole Garden

I’m always open to new and fun things that I can incorporate on my homestead. That’s why when I heard about keyhole gardening, I knew it’s something I have to try. It’s a brilliant set-up since it has a raised design, that’s great for enhanced access, and a center compost area. How cool is that? If you’re planning to just have a keyhole garden, you no longer have to have a compost bin, all you have to do is put the compost material in the center of your garden and watch the magic happen. Need an overview? Just check out the infographic below!

Build a Keyhole Garden to produce everything you need in one compact unit.

Build A Keyhole Garden | Homesteading Tips

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The Anatomy of a Keyhole Garden

First you need to build your walls, then you need to fill it in.

To construct your garden, create a keyhole about 6 to 6.5 feet in diameter, and 3 feet high. Leave a wedge that is wide enough to walk through.

The keyhole garden consists of several layers

You have a base of rocks, stacked higher in the center, and twigs towards the outside for drainage.

Create a wall to seperate compost from soil. This should be 1 to 1.5 feet in diameter. Use chicken wire, or anything that will keep the soil separate but allow drainage..

Fill the bed with soil, slightly sloped from center so the inside is higher than the outside.

When you water your garden, you can focus on the center, and the rest of the water will trickle down.

So are you going to try and build your own keyhole garden? It will be so great to have it as your next gardening project. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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