Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4

No matter the apocalyptic situation, escape is possible with these truck upgrades. Check out the accessories you need for a more solid bug out truck!

Truck Upgrades: Monsterize Your Vehicle

When you need to bug out, a tough and reliable vehicle is an absolute necessity — just like food, shelter, water, and clothing. After all, you have to get to your bug out location as safe and fast as possible. That’s why a 4×4 pick-up truck is one of the most popular choices for a bug out vehicle. However, a stock or standard truck might not be enough to withstand the roughest terrain and grueling conditions you’ll face along the way. To overcome all obstacles, you need to modify your truck and make it tougher, so you can get to safer grounds. Below are truck upgrades that will help you get away from a violent riot or a relentless surge of zombies and bring you to your destination alive and well.

1. Upgrade Tires

Upgrade Tires | Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4
Most truck manufacturers put standard all-season tires on every vehicle they produce. They fit trucks with soft sidewalls and mild tread patterns. These tires will work well on paved roads, but when you need to go off-road, you’ll need something more durable and sturdy.

You need tires that can take cuts from sharp rocks or intrusion by branches — a set of tires that will keep you running in snow, mud or on any rough terrain. With this in mind, look for a tire with a wider footprint, fatter siping and lug treads, and rock ejectors.

2. Suspension Lift

Suspension Lift | Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4
If your truck has limited ground clearance, you’ll experience problems driving over rocks, debris, or even random zombies. Installing a suspension lift will provide you immediate relief. However, you have to be mindful of the size of the lift that you add.

Every inch of lift will give your truck around 3% more drag. The higher the drag, the more it will hit your fuel consumption. When you’re in a survival situation, your vehicle needs to be fuel-efficient. Adding two to three inches of suspension lift is ideal for your bug out truck. It will give you sufficient clearance with less drag.

3. Communication Equipment

Communication Equipment | Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4
When you find yourself in a real survival situation, it’ll be difficult to find cell phone or internet connection. Still, it’s important to keep in touch with other survivors. That is why adding a good and high-quality CB (Citizen’s Band) radio to your truck is a smart move. Having reliable communication equipment during SHTF moments is as essential as storing water and stockpiling food.

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4. Winch and Recovery Equipment

Winch and Recovery Equipment | Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4
You have to prepare for any unexpected circumstances in times of SHTF. Driving under bizarre conditions is one them. You may have to run over rough terrain that offers a lot of challenges.

In the event your truck becomes stuck, having a winch and recovery equipment will make it easier to pull your vehicle to solid ground. A jack, shackles, and a couple of recovery straps can help you get out of sticky situations. You can also add traction ramps to give your truck more grip in muddy or sandy conditions.

5. Skid Plates

Skid Plates | Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4
Skid plates are also important to add to your truck upgrades. Install skid plates over the major parts of the undercarriage to give your rig the protection it needs to handle the roughest terrain. Adding plates in the front will protect the steering, front axle, and the bottom of the truck’s engine. Mid-section plates will guard brake and fuel lines, while the rear skid plates will protect the gas tank from rocks that can severely damage it.

6. Grille Guard

Grille Guard | Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4
In a survival situation while you’re running away from the unruly mob or want to get out quickly from a zombie-infested area, it’s possible you’ll crash into a fence or hit an animal or trees. The impact can cause damage to the radiator, headlights, and other important parts of your vehicle.

That is why adding a grille guard is a must to provide your truck with the protection it needs against collisions. Additionally, grille guards are not only designed to absorb impact and minimize damage to your truck, but they also provide you a place to install other accessories such as a winch and auxiliary lights.

7. Truck Snorkel

Truck Snorkel | Bug Out Truck Upgrades: Accessories For Your 4X4
One of the most important things on this list of truck upgrades is a snorkel. We all know that water can be extremely damaging when it enters the engine, and in a survival situation, you may have to do a water crossing. Installing a snorkel in your bug out truck will prevent water from getting into the engine. A snorkel will also allow your engine to breathe cleaner air in dusty conditions. This allows your truck to achieve better performance and be more fuel efficient.

Having a bug out vehicle during SHTF is absolutely one of the best ways to stay alive. Watch this video from Canadian Prepper and find out if using a truck is better than an SUV!

A tougher and sturdier truck is an extremely vital part of your survival needs. When you have to traverse rugged and rough terrains or cross a river, a well-modified truck fit for conditions like these will increase your chances of getting to your bug out spot safe and fast. Truck upgrades such as installing beefier tires, adding suspension lifts, snorkels, and grille guards will make your bug out truck a dependable vehicle when SHTF.

Do you know other truck upgrades that can make your truck tougher? Share it with us in the comments below!

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