BREAKING: Kim Jong Un vs. U.S. Navy SEALs!

Did you know that?

Kim Jong Un’s about to be very sorry he threatened us with those long-range missiles…

Rumor has it that SEAL Team Six… the same group that took out Osama Bin Laden… is now conducting training missions in South Korea.

The dictator and his fellow North Koreans should tread carefully now that the SEALs are within striking distance.

If you don’t know…

The SEALs are the world’s most elite special operations unit. They have major advantages over their adversaries.

Superior training, state of the art weapons and advanced tactics all play a role.

But one critical advantage trumps them all. (You can watch a former Navy SEAL Sniper demonstrate it right here.)

This former sniper and SEAL Team One Commander wants to give you the same advantage used by SEAL teams to keep you and your family safe in a crisis.

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