Bicycle Wheel Mosaic: A Genius Way to Repurpose An Old Bicycle Wheel

Would you like to make your garden more attractive to you and passers-by? Then here is a cool project to try out when you have a spare afternoon: a stained glass garden spinner. The project is an easy one, especially now to that you have the tutorial on the following link. First of all, you are going to need a wheel to use as a base for your spinner. Then you will have to concentrate on the paper pattern for the triangle that you are going to use between the spokes. This will also help you know how much glass you are going to need. You can choose to buy glass from a local crafts store or search for online alternatives. You are also going to need copper foil, solder, flux, soldering iron and glass cutter. Once you have all the supplies prepared, consult the tutorial from the link below and start working on your project. You can make as many stained glass garden spinners as you wish in as many colors as you like!

Full instruction on Flea Market Gardening

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