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Did you know that bees are vital to life as we know it? Without bees, many of our flowers, fruits, and veggies would become extinct, since they are dependent on bees to pollinate. Also, without honey bees, we also would not have honey! You can do your part in saving the world supply of honey, and all the crops by building your own beehive.

Best Bee Hive Plans | Build a Hive & Help the Bees

Build your own bee hive from these bee hive plan ideas, and creating a safe place for bees to live, and a safe place for honeybees to harvest honey. Saving the bees means saving all the crops that come with them! In fact, without bees, we would be short the following foods: apples, almonds, blueberries, watermelon, cherries, peaches, rapeseed, avocados, cucumbers, cranberries,onions, blackberries, grapefruit, oranges, raspberries, cantaloupe, pumpkins, pears, and plums… to name just a few.

16 Bee Hives to Make and Love

1. Mason Jar Beekeeping

Mason Jar Beekeeping

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Make your own beehive farm with mason jars! Check out our tutorial, here.

2. 55 Gallon Bee Hive

55 Gallon Bee Hive

Make your bee hive out of a giant barrel. Instructions here

3. Bubble Hive

Bubble Hive

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This awesome idea is made from a clear bowl, hung in a shady tree. Bee hive plans here.

4. Bee Hotel

Bee Hotel

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Provide a nice nest for your bees with this fun bee hotel made from woodblocks and a drill. Make your own here

5. Log Bee Hive

Log Bee Hive

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This log-cabin beehive is fun for the yard, fun to make, and fun for the bees! Bee hive plans here.

Something for the honey!

6. Flow Hive

Flow Hive

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Honey on tap? Amazing! This amazing system is a great way to get your honey, and the process hardly distrubs the bees – a win on both sides! Learn more about Honey Flow here.

7. Bee Barn

Bee Barn

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Make a lovely little home for your bees, to match your own house! Learn how here

8. Mason Bee Hive

Mason Bee Hive

Awesome mason bee hive from the garden store!

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A beautiful teardrop bee hive to hang in your orchard. (Only $20) Order yours here!

9. Slovenian Hive

Slovenian Hive

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This beeauties are exclusively made by Slovenian Beekeeping

10. DIY a Tree Stump Bee Hive

DIY a Tree Stump Bee Hive

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Drill holes into a log and placeit somewhere sunny! Details here

11. Langstroth Bee Hive

 Langstroth bee hive

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This is a basic vertical Langstroth beehive. Learn how to make the Langstroth Bee Hive Here

12. Warre Beehive

Warre Beehive

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Build a basic Warre Beehive here

13. Hexa Beehive

Hexa Beehive

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This hex hive is available for purchase (here). This eco-friendly hive also looks beautiful in the garden, your bees will love it.

14. Box Bee Hive

Box Bee Hive

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Make a simple box bee hive. Plans here.

15. Paper Tubes Beehive

Paper Tubes Beehive

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Looking for a long lasting hive that is also inexpensive? This smart-looking hive was created from just paper tubes and wood! Simple and simply stunning!

16. Beehive City

Beehive City

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Bees have a complex social structure, so why not build them a town? After creating a traditional beehive, add miniature home finishings to create a buzzing bee city! We Suggest following this tutorial then adding your own city style when complete!

We hope that supplies you with enough ideas to get your own bee hive in the works! Providing these endangered, yet highly valuable species with safe homes is crucial to life as we know it. Save the bees!

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Want to see what happens when you stick your hand in a beehive? Watch it here from Town and Country Pest Solutions INC:

Which beehive will you try? Let us know below in the comments!


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