Bald Eagle Family Welcomes Spring With 2 Babies in Washington D.C. – LIVE STREAM

Home Animals Bald Eagle Family Welcomes Spring With 2 Babies in Washington D.C. – LIVE STREAM

The welcoming of spring also means the welcoming of new growth, fresh starts, and babies! The White House has some exciting news to welcome spring as well. Two eaglets joined the national family over the past weekend, joined by millions of viewers on a live feed, keep watching to see how they grow!

Mr. President, The First Lady, DC2 and DC3 at feeding time Sunday morning. American Eagle Foundation

Bald Eagle Family Welcomes Spring With Two Babies in Washington D.C.

A pair of Bald Eagles chose the Nation’s Capitol as their home and have now successfully hatched 3 eaglets in the past 2 years. The mother and father eagles have appropriately been named “Mr. President” and “The First Lady.” They chose to build their large nest (weighing an average of 2 tons) atop a Tulip Poplar tree in the Azalea Collection at the U.S. National Arboretum in 2014.

Viewers were able to watch the hatching live on DC Eagle Cam Friday morning, March 18. Now that the eaglets are here we need to name them! Name ideas are flooding in via twitter and other social media platforms. Join the conversation and submit your ideas by hashtagging #DCeaglecam and follow their growth and development.

We are blessed by the DC Eagle Cam,, and the American Eagle Foundation. I am glad organizations like this exist to preserve wildlife and agriculture in our great nation. It’s also nice to see the United States mutually coming together over something so patriotic.

Watch the live DC Eagle Cam here.

DC Eagle Cam: Bald Eagles nesting in Washington D.C. have hatched 2 eaglets. Keep watching for the live feed.

Mr. President watches back, as The First Lady feeds her young. American Eagle Foundation

I know homesteaders across the continent are welcoming spring as well; with kidding season, spring cleaning, and tending to the spring chicks! What’s your favorite way to prepare for the new season?

Do you have any birds nesting in your backyard waiting to hatch? If you have any photos we’d love to see them! Share with us in the comments.


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