Awesome Lego-themed Bedroom Ideas!

Every kid loves Lego! With the recently renewed success of the brand, there’s no doubt anything related to Lego will put a smile on your kids’ face. That’s why we thought a project entailing transforming a bedroom into a real up-scaled Lego world would be great!

Lego Coat Rack

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Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-07 Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-06 Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-04

Sturdy building block coat rack with 3 hooks…. More details here…

Lego Dresser

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Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-11 Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-09 Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-10

DIY: Lego Dresser ..My kid is a huge Lego fan…I think it was a brilliant gift for him for his birthday and he absolutely loves it for clothing storage…instructions here…


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Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-13 Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-14 Lego-Themed-Bedroom-Ideas-15

more details here…

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