A Dozen Eggs Now Cost $142 In Venezuela (Guess How Much Milk Cost?)

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Grocery prices in crisis-ravaged Venezuela are so out of hand that a dozen eggs now cost $142 at the official government supermarket — and $208 on the black market.

And it’s not just eggs.

Cassava, a tuber root, once cost $7 per pound and now cost $41 in the store. Powdered milk cost between $104 and $139. The price for corn flour has grown from $1.3 per pound to $13 per pound, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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A bag of groceries consisting of one kilogram of rice, a kilo of sugar, and a liter of cooking oil cost Caracas resident Maria Linares $214, according to the newspaper.

“The last time we had chicken was in December,” Linares said.

She and her two children now eat nothing but eggs, cassava, butter, cornmeal patties and plantain.

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“We are feeling hunger,” she said. “I don’t know what I’ll do if prices keep going up.”

On paper Linares, a government employee, makes a good salary of $3,761 a month. In reality, though, the single mother makes around $38 a month, because she is paid in worthless Venezuelan government currency called bolivars, The Morning-Herald reported.

As Off The Grid News has reported, the situation is so dire that Venezuelans are now eating dogs and cats and even dog food.

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