9 OTC Items To Help Fight Radiation Poisoning

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9 OTC Items To Help Fight Radiation Poisoning

9 OTC Items To Help Fight Radiation Poisoning

Every day it seems more and more likely that we will end up in a nuclear exchange with North Korea. Although the concept of mutually assured destruction has kept a nuclear war at bay, it’s possible that if the U.S. invades North Korea and Kim Jong Un believes his dynasty is about to collapse, he will fire everything he has. In other words, he might try to take as many people with him as possible.

The question is, how much damage could he do? Well, quite a bit. But assuming he only has a few bombs, you still have a decent chance of surviving as long you’re not in the fire zone and can get to a good shelter. At that point, the thing you’ll have to worry about is not the bomb itself but the nuclear fallout.

In this video, Reality Survival & Prepping talks about 9 over-the-counter items you can take to stop yourself from absorbing as much radiation. Here’s his list (plus one that I added):

  1. Apple Pectin
  2. Iostat Iodine Pills
  3. TUMS
  4. Gaviscon Antacid
  5. Baking Soda
  6. Vitamin C
  7. Melatonin
  8. Multivitamins
  9. Seaweed (lots of potassium iodide)

Watch the video below to hear him talk about these items, and check out the description below the video on Youtube for links to the products.

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