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Famine is a disaster where people in the area experience extreme shortage of food supply. This can be caused by a lot of factors such as floods, heat wave or drought, crop failure, government-implemented policies, war, and overpopulation.

When Famine Strikes: Will You Be Ready?

Some would think this only happens in third world countries. But this can happen to anyone anywhere they may be. So what would you do should you experience a famine firsthand in your lifetime? A famine can last for days, weeks, months or even years! When it does, it may already be too late for some, hopefully not for you. Here are a few things to learn in case a famine does strike.

1. Always Be Prepared

Always Be Prepared | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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Survival enthusiasts can’t say it enough. Preparation is the key to surviving a disaster. Know all there is to know about famine. It’s not foolproof but just like how we learned to run we must first learn how to walk. Before we learn to walk we must first learn to take our first step. We all definitely prepared for that.

2. Stock Up On Food

Stock Up On Food | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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Choose foods with long shelf life. You can either start bottling your own food or stock up on canned goods. MRE’s, frozen food and beef jerkies are also good choices. Learn to perform FIFO (First In First Out), monitor, and replenish your stocks every 6 months so they would be good for consumption. Most likely, supermarkets and food shelves will be emptied out soon. Here’s how to maintain a solid food supply.

3. Grow Your Own Garden

Grow Your Own Garden | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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This is a long-term goal. Just in case food supply is still unable to keep up with population’s consumption. It is best you learn to grow your own food garden for survival. If you live in an apartment building you can learn how to do vertical gardening using plastic bottles. This will help you stretch your food supply. Here are 8 projects for DIY vertical small space gardening and an indoor survival garden.

4. Know When Relief Aid Comes

Know When Relief Aid Comes | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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The government or private organizations will be giving food supply aid to those affected. Knowing when and where this will happen is important. Emergency aid will also be given for those who need medical care.

5. Stock Up On Water

Stock Up On Water | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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Water may also be scarce. If there is water, it may be contaminated depending on the calamity which has caused the famine. You can use water gallons to collect rainwater for future use. Here are 5 emergency water storage tips you can work on.

6. Arm Yourself Up

Arm Yourself Up | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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It’s a wonder how the shortage of food and water can change even the most decent people. Especially for those who were unprepared. Be prepared to defend yourself and your family from those who want to take what you have. Know the laws of your state on owning a gun and defending your property. Here are 5 of the best home defense guns you can choose from.

7. Be Discreet

Be Discreet | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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Once the community feels the fangs of the famine, they will be starting to look elsewhere. Be discreet with what you have and keep it in a close circle of trusted friends and relatives. If you keep blabbing about how prepared you are those who aren’t will want to take it from you just to have another bite or drink.

8. Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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Keep yourself updated with the news. This will help you anticipate your food and water supply consumption. It is important to know what’s going around you and be aware.

9. From Bugging In To Bugging Out

From Bugging In To Bugging Out | 9 Famine Survival Tips | Survival Life
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If the famine becomes worse and your food supply might run out it is best to have a bug out location. Of course, you just can’t come up with this place and supplies overnight! You also have to prepare for it.

Watch this video on Drought and Famine: Crash Course World History #208 posted by CrashCourse:

Regardless of the cause and the intensity of the famine, it never hurts to put things in order in case the SHTF. If it does not hit then well and good! It will actually help you save up on your food supply instead of running to the store every time you run out. You can also save up hundreds even thousands a year by buying in bulk. In the end, you might just make it out alive.

Do you have other famine survival tips in mind? Please add them in the comments below!

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