8 Outdoor Survival Life Hacks

8 Outdoor Survival Life Hacks

You’ll Be Amazed at What These Everyday Items Can Be Used For

Want to learn outdoor survival skills? Wondering why you need these survival hacks?

People nowadays are used to living comfortably with technology. Everything you could possibly need is as simple as the touch of a button or a voice command.

Even in the outdoors, many people have their gadgets with them. Take those away and they probably wouldn’t even know how to start a fire.

Being prepared for the worst case scenario is vital for survival. That’s why it’s important to learn outdoor survival hacks such as these, so you’ll have a backup plan when technology fails you.

1. Convert A Can Of Tuna Into A Lamp

tuna can lamp

Jab a hole on top of the can. Measure two-by-five inches on a piece of paper then roll it into a wick. And then insert it into the hole you made. Allow the wick to absorb the oil before lighting it up. This will provide 2 hours of illumination.

2. From Crayons To Candles

crayon candle

Just light up a crayon and you have an instant candle that will last you for 30 minutes.

3. Turn a Can into a Lamp

soda can lamp

Draw a big letter “I” on the side of the can before cutting it up with a razor. Open up the flaps of the can then set a lighted tea candle or a shorter candle inside the bottom of the can. The light emitted by the candle will be reflected by the insides of the can. Plus, the tab can be used as a hanger.

4. Use A Durable Stick To Carry More Water Gallons In One Trip

carry water gallons with stick

Place each water gallon alternately opposite each other before inserting the stick. This will save you more trips from Point A to Point B.

5. Make Fish Hooks Out of Can Tabs

soda tab fish hooks

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Using a pair of scissors or a blade cut a small portion on the outside bottom part of the tab. When done it will look like a small letter “e”

6. Use A Piece Of Cloth As A Simple Water Filter

(Image via)

(Image via)

With a piece of cloth and two containers you can rid dirty water of dirt and debris. Fill one container with the dirty water and place it just a little bit higher than the empty container. Twist the piece of cloth lick a wick then place one end in the container with the dirty water and the other end in the empty container. Overtime the now filtered water will pass through the cloth and fill the empty container while the debris and dirt will be left in the other. Boiling the filtered water is still necessary to free it from contaminants only then would it be safe to drink.

7. Make A Mini Stove Out of Soda Cans

(Image via)

(Image via)

You’ll need two bottom parts of soda or beer cans, denatured alcohol, a penny, a puncher or any solid pointed object, a blade or scissors and a piece of cloth or fiberglass as a filler. Last but not the least is a heat resistant sealant then you’re good to go.

8. Use Plants to Repel Mosquitoes and Other Pests

repel bugs with mosquitos

Just sprinkle some Basil herbs or drop some Rosemary leaves on the camp or cooking fire. The bugs/mosquitoes can’t stand the smell creating an invisible net around you for a good night’s sleep.

These are just a few of the outdoor survival life hacks that might just increase your chances in surviving the outdoors. Learn each of them because you’ll never know when you might need them.

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