71 Survival Items Under $5.00

Survival items come in different forms and monetary value, and this list comes dirt-cheap! At only $5, you can complete an emergency survival kit. From food, tools, and OTC drugs, there are a lot of survival items you can get at this small amount and even less. Complete your survival kit with low-cost survival items in this list!

Must-Have Survival Items You Can Get for Only $5 and Under!

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Building a Survival Kit

I am always on the lookout for great deals for prepping my survival supplies. I was scouring through a few forums and ran across this post from way back 2008. Even though I'm sure that inflation has taken its toll on the items below, they are still an incredibly cheap and quick way to boost your preps without destroying your budget.

After reading scores of threads of people asking how to get started prepping, having to “sneak” prepping from their spouse, or “don't have the money” to prep, I thought I would put together a thread that would cover each.

The goal of this thread is to demonstrate that prepping is possible for just $ 5.00 per week. I do not think that I know anyone who could not spare five bucks per week to invest in the ability to feed yourself and your family in the event of being affected by some form of disaster.

For just $ 5.00 +/- you can buy the following storable things:

Food Items

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First off in this list are the essentials tummy fillers:

1. Five packages of Idahoan instant potatoes (flavored)

2. A case of ramen noodles (20 packages)

3. Five cans of sardines

4. Five gallons of purified water

5. Nearly two cases of bottled water

6. Four cans of peaches, pears, or fruit cocktail

7. 2 jars of mandarin oranges

8. Five pounds of rice

9. Three to four pounds of spaghetti

10. Two cans of spaghetti sauce

11. Three bags of egg noodles

12. Eight packages of gravy mix

13. Four cans of whole or sliced new potatoes

14. Four cans of green beans or at least three cans of carrots, greens, peas, or mixed veggies

15. Two cans of Yams

16. Six cans of pork and beans

17. One 40 ounces can of Dinty Moore beef stew

18. Two 12 ounce cans of chicken, tuna, or roast beef

19. One 1lb canned ham

20. Three cans of refried beans

21. Three 12 oz cans of ravioli or spaghetti O's.

22. Two 12.5 ounce cans of salmon

23. Five pounds of oatmeal

24. Four packages Dinty Moore heat and eat meals

25. Five packages of cornbread mix

26. Four pounds of sugar

27. Five pounds of flour

28. 1.5 quarts of cooking oil

29. Three one-pound bags of dry beans

30. Two cans of apple juice

31. A jar of peanut butter

32. Two boxes of yeast

33. Two bags of generic breakfast cereal

34. 10 8 oz cans of tomato paste or tomato sauce

35. Four cans of soup

36. Four cans of Chunky soup

37. 8-10 pounds of iodized salt

38. Two bottles of garlic powder or other spices

39. Two boxes of kool aid

40. A can of coffee

41. 2 bottles of powdered coffee creamer

Tips When Packing Food Items for a Survival Kit:

  • Consider your family's tastes and needs (these must be food items family members are familiar with to help relieve stress in a traumatic survival situation, in short, foods to lift their spirit).
  • Take foods which do not require special preparation and refrigeration.
  • Always check the expiry date.
  • Use tight-seal containers when storing perishable foods like biscuits.

Non-Food Items

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Items in this list include tools for hunting food, self-defense, and shelter-making. There are also items to help you prepare food and drinking water. There are also items essential for safety or for first-aid. Make your life a bit easier even while on a survival situation with the following items:

43. One manual can opener

43. Two bottles of camp stove fuel

44. 100 rounds of .22lr ammo

45. 25 rounds of 12 ga birdshot or small game loads

46. 20 rounds of Monarch 7.62×39 ammo

47. A spool of 12 lb test monofilament fishing line

48. 2 packages of hooks and some sinkers or corks

49. Artificial bait

50. Two packages of soft plastic worms

51. Three Bic lighters or two big boxes of matches

52. A package of tea lights

53. 50 ft of paracord

54. A roll of duct tape

55. A box of nails or other fasteners

56. A flashlight

57. Two D-batteries, four AA or AAA batteries, or two 9v batteries

58. A toothbrush and toothpaste

59. A bag of disposable razors

60. Eight bars of ivory soap (it floats)

61. A box of tampons or bag of pads for the ladies

62. Two gallons of bleach

63. Needles and thread

64. A ball of yarn

OTC Medications (at Dollar General)

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If you do not have in-depth knowledge of medicinal plants, then these OTCs are must have survival items. These are items to combat small to serious health issues or help ease your ailments as you are on your way for help. At $5 or less you can make an emergency and first-aid kit with the following items:

65. A bottles 1000 count 500 mg generic Tylenol (Acetaminophen)

66. A bottles 500 counts 200 mg generic Advil (Ibuprofen)

67. A box of 24 counts 25 mg generic Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCI)–also available at Walgreens under “sleep aids”

68. 2 bottles 500 count 325 mg aspirin

69. A box of generic Sudafed

70. 2 bottles of alcohol

71. A box of bandages (4×4)

View the original forum thread here

Watch this video from Drop Forged Survival for tips on completing your survival items list:

A jar of peanut butter and a box of bandages can mean survival for you or someone with you in a survival situation. These survival items, individually, may seem unimportant but combined and it could be just what saves you. Complete your survival and emergency kit $5 at a time and you can have the ultimate survival essentials in time!

What can you add to this list to help the rest of us get prepped for under $5.00? We're eager to have this list bumped up with your ideas in the comments section below!

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