7 Genius Seedling Greenhouses You Can Make Today

Seedling greenhouses are a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to keep your greenery thriving. Yes, you can actually make a greenhouse that you can hold in the palm of your hand! There are dozens of ways you can make a seedling greenhouse that can fit on a small shelf or windowsill without shelling out so much on greenhouse or nursery supplies. Check out 7 of the most inventive yet easy ways to make your own seedling greenhouses.

Seedling Greenhouses Ideas: 7 Ways for Little Spaces

1. Egg Carton Greenhouse

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This DIY seedling greenhouse will be one of your favorites when it comes to starting seeds in a small greenhouse. All you need is an egg carton as your germination tray. This step-by-step guide will teach you that just adding a clear plastic wrap or a clear bag turns your egg carton seedlings into a greenhouse. You can find the full instructions by heading to Hazel and Company's blog.

2. Plastic Bottle Greenhouse

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A plastic bottle could be another great DIY greenhouse for your seedlings! Just save those plastic bottles instead of throwing them away. You can recycle and upcycle the bottles and turn them into these awesome seedling greenhouses.

3. CD Spindle Case Greenhouse

CD Spindle Case Greenhouse | Genius Seedling Greenhouses You Can Make Today

Who doesn’t have one of these cases laying around the house from their CD burning days? Did you know they make perfect greenhouses for your seedlings? Basically, all you have to do with the CD spindle case (empty) is to cut out the column at the center. Then, cover up the hole at the base, drill a couple of holes in the top cover, and then add your small pots and seeds. That’s a simple seedling greenhouse idea you can do in no time at all!

4. Clear Storage Tote Greenhouse

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If you get warm temperatures during the day and cold ones at nights, did you know you could grow your seedlings in small containers stored inside clear plastic totes. Take the totes outside in the morning so they can get a day's worth of sunlight and build up their tolerance to the cold. Don't forget to bring them inside at night.

5. Mason Jar Greenhouse

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An old mason jar can make an awesome greenhouse for your seedlings as well and a simple way how to use a small greenhouse. All you just have to make sure is that there is adequate airflow for the plant so it can thrive.

6. Plastic Wrapped Greenhouse

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This plastic-wrapped homemade mini greenhouse is another great addition you can opt to use for your garden. It's also very easy to do and fairly inexpensive. This type of seedling greenhouse is an effective solution for difficult seeds but requires only a couple of cheap gardening supplies.

7. Clear Plastic Greenhouse

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Who says you need a whole lot of gardening equipment and tools to start your garden? With this mini seedling greenhouse all you need is a clear food plastic container with a lid as well as some tissue paper cores or cardboard rolls to come up with this mini greenhouse for your seedlings.

Barring all of these ideas, however, you can always opt to buy your greenhouse. If you have space and you're ready to level up, you can get this full-sized greenhouse delivered to you from Amazon!

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For more ideas on seedling greenhouses, check out this full tutorial video from OikoEco:

Upcycling old items and turning them into something useful such as seedling greenhouses is a valuable skill, especially for the garden. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can come up with creative and beneficial items like these seedling greenhouses. This is an effective way to protect your seedlings so they can grow and serve their purpose. These are only but some of the great mini greenhouse growing tips out there to improve your gardening without spending any money on expensive greenhouse accessories and greenhouse equipment.

Do you have other seedlings greenhouses ideas you can recommend? Do share them in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 10, 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

Seedling Greenhouses | 7 Genius Seedling Greenhouses You Can Make Today

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