7 Flex Seal Survival Hacks

7 Flex Seal Survival Hacks
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7 Flex Seal Survival Hacks
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If you’ve never used Flex Seal before, I highly recommend going out and getting yourself a can. It is the easiest way to fix a leak. Some people call it “liquid rubber.” Basically, you spray down the area where the leak is, and it dries into a rubberized waterproof substance.

I’ve had Flex Seal in the garage for years, but I honestly never thought about using it for survival purposes. Until now. Sensible Prepper is the king of survival uses for everyday items, and in this video he came up with seven ways to use Flex Seal for survival.

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Here’s what he came up with:

1. Fix a leaky pipe or any small hole.
2. Make the bottom of your bag waterproof.
3. Make your hat waterproof.
4. Make your shoes waterproof.
5. Add a good grip to any tool.
6. Fix a hole in a tarp.
7. Add a better grip to your gun mags.

Watch the video below to see him demonstrate each of these survival hacks. He spends a long time on the seventh one.

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