6 Simple Steps to Protect Your Mail Against Vandals

When it comes to vandalism, there is not a greater item at risk than your mailbox as thieves can easily steal your mail. It’s a perfect target for vandals, hence, there’s no better time to learn how to protect your precious mail from thieves than now!

Secure Your Mail from Vandalism and Theft

Mailbox vandalism has become a lot more common than it used to be. Anybody can knock off your mailbox if it’s not well built and fixed properly in the ground. However, it does not provide you ample amounts of protection and care you need. Therefore, in order to make sure your mailbox gets maximum protection and remains safe from any sort of vandalism, here are six important steps you need to do!

1. Always Report Theft

Always Report Theft | Simple Steps to Protect Your Mail Against Vandals
A lot of people do not really report the theft of their mailbox property. They think it’s not worth the hassle of complaining. However, rather than just holding back the report, it would be best for you to make an immediate complaint of any mail theft straight to your postmaster.

By reporting the problem, the post office will try to determine whether it is an isolated incident or one that happens commonly in the neighborhood.

2. Keep Your Mailbox in Good Shape

Keep Your Mailbox In Good Shape | Simple Steps to Protect Your Mail Against Vandals
It would be a wise idea to make sure your mailbox is in good condition all the time. This way, it would give out an impression that you really pay attention to it. As a result, people will be more cautious since they know you check your mailbox daily.

3. Get Label 33

Get Label 33 | Simple Steps to Protect Your Mail Against Vandals
It would be a wise idea to get the Label 33 from your post office and then paste it to your mailbox. The label 33 makes sure anyone who will damage your mailbox will be accountable for a legal crime. This might scare away vandals who are thinking of having fun with your mailbox.

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4. Reposition Your Mailbox

Reposition Your Mailbox | Simple Steps to Protect Your Mail Against Vandals
Rather than place your mailbox near the street, it would be a very nice idea to remove it and then place it closer to your front gate. This is to ensure vandals would be more cautious if they decide to come near your mailbox. It might seem like a very small step, but it goes a long way in preventing damage to your mailbox.

5. Get a Metal Mailbox

Get A Metal Mailbox | Simple Steps to Protect Your Mail Against Vandals
Most people usually prefer to use wooden mailboxes, as they are more visually attractive and go well with the exterior of the house. However, if you want more protection, it’s better to have a mailbox made of metal near your front gate.

These are sturdier and can effectively take a lot more damage as compared to standard mailboxes. You can even put a lock on the mailbox so thieves cannot steal your mail.

6. Install Cameras

Install Cameras | Simple Steps to Protect Your Mail Against Vandals
Cameras can scare away vandals and deter them from destroying your mailbox. So if you want to make sure your property is safe, installing a camera overlooking your mailbox is a great idea.

There are security cameras capable of capturing audio to accompany the video and some can take photos in complete darkness without using a flash. Catch these vandals and thieves red-handed and file legal actions against them.

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Smashing mailboxes is a form of vandalism that usually happens in rural areas. Vandals drive along and destroy roadside mailboxes with a baseball bat or hit it with heavy objects just for the heck of it. So if you’re fed up of replacing or repairing it over and over again, follow the simple steps above and protect your mail at all times.

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