6 Practical Prepping Budget Tips

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6 Practical Prepping Budget Tips
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6 Practical Prepping Budget Tips
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The most common complaint among new preppers is how expensive it is. While there are many ways you can prep for free, you will inevitably have to spend some money if you want to stock up on supplies. To do that, it’s important to keep a budget and look for great deals.

Prepper Princess is a Youtuber who is very big on budget prepping, and she collaborated with another Youtube channel, City Prepping, in order to share some practical prepping budget tips.

City Prepping asks the questions, and she answers. Here are his questions…

  1. What advice would you give to someone that’s starting out prepping and they’re on a budget?
  2. What are some good ways to find deals?
  3. What are some tips to store water on a tight budget?
  4. What are some common items that you can repurpose for prepping?
  5. What are some tips that you would recommend to get things for free?
  6. What is the concept of “prepping three dollars at a time”?

Watch the video below to hear her answers.

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