6 Indoor Activities For Kids This Winter | Snow Day!

Well, Winter is upon us in full force which not only brings about the cold and snow, but the combination together brings about Snow Days! I remember when I was a little girl waiting patiently for the announcement to be made that school was canceled for the day. There was always such an excitement that came with it. There was one whole week my entire family was stuck home due to a blizzard and we made it incredibly fun. Today I want to share some indoor activities for kids for you to try on your snow days this year. Or anytime for that matter!

Indoor Activities For Kids To Enjoy During Snow Days

7 Indoor Activities For Kids This Winter | Snow Day! kid looking out window

Let’s get to it.

1. Paper Mache Projects

You don’t have to be an artist to have fun with this easy project. The project is very simple, fun, educational, and the supplies are really rather basic. I will give you a warning, Paper Mache can get messy so be ready for it. Here are the supplies you will need and steps to follow:

  1. A Bowl or Container ~ Flour, Paste OR White Glue ~ Water ~ Base Structure (Balloon or Box) ~ Paint Brushes ~ Old Newspaper.
  2. You may want to cover the surface area you are working on with some sort of art cloth or extra newspaper. Tear your newspaper for the project into strips about 2-3 cm. Wide, the size doesn’t really matter. Using a regular balloon I make paper mache Easter Eggs.
  3. Make the glue mixture. I always use either flour or white glue, so I will tell you my ratios. When using white glue, mix 2 parts glue to 1 part water in the bowl and mix. When using flour you will want to mix 1 part flour to 1 part water. Usually, when I am making something that I need to stay thick and strong I will make a mixture of white glue and flour. Now you have your glue mix and newspaper ready, blow up your balloon to the desired size. Dip your paper strips into the glue mixture, be sure to wipe off any excess before placing it.
  4. I like to make 3 – 5 layers of the paper, at least. Start adding your gooey strips to the balloon. The first layer is put on horizontally, the second vertically and so on until it’s fully coated. When you’re done adding all of your layers set the egg to dry for a full day or so. Once it is dry you can decorate it how you all see fit. You can make an egg with 7 – 10 layers and turn it into a pinata.

2. A Treasure Hunt

This is fun for indoors and outdoors. Choose your treasure of choice, hide it, write up riddles and clues for the kids to solve in order to begin the hunt. It can be fun for all ages and the whole family gets to be involved. I like to set it up at night while the kiddos are in bed and then leave traces for them to find when they wake in the morning. Make them as easy or as hard as you wish and the treasure can be anything, it’s more about the hunt. If you don’t have any ideas there are tons of treasure hunt ideas online.

3. Indoor Forts

This one seems to be much more fun for the younger kids, but if you have kids both younger and older it’s nice to have the older siblings get involved with the building and construction. You can get creative and even have competitions.

indoor fort 7 Indoor Activities For Kids This Winter | Snow Day!

indoor fort 7 Indoor Activities For Kids This Winter | Snow Day! Want more homesteading tricks, tips and tidbits? Click here to sign up NOW! We'll even throw in some FREE Survival Seeds Playing Cards!

4. Ad-Lib Art

There used to be fun packs for kids that had pre-made ad-libs where there is a story but there are words missing that the kids have to fill in. Below the blank space is a hint to tell what sort of word you need, for instance, nouns, verbs etc. Well, Ad-lib art is similar. You start out with a bank canvas, poster board, paper, etc. Each person gets 30-seconds to add to the art. The first person begins the picture and when the time is up the next in line adds their piece. The players decide how many turns before the game ends.

5. Collective Story-Making

Similar to the ad-lib art, as a family you make up a story. One person starts it and it gets passed around to each member until you have a story. When it is all said and done read it out loud and see what you’ve come up with. It is fun for all ages.

6. Slumber Party / Camp-In

It may sound silly but this can be really fun for all ages. Indoor camping is pretty self-explanatory. You build forts or indoor tents, you don’t have to do any of that just pick a room to turn into a Camp-in room. Get a bunch of candles on the table and there’s your fire, you can even roast marshmallows. Gather round the candle fire, shut off the lights and tell ghost stories. Make some popcorn, crawl into your indoor fort, use a laptop or phone and watch Netflix during your modern-day indoor winter camp out.

These are just a few ideas that were fun for my family. When original gets boring go for something new, maybe this list will inspire you to make a Snow Day list of your own, after all everyone is different and we all enjoy various things. Whatever it is you choose just remember to have fun with it. Happy Snow Day!!

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