50 Places to Search for Supplies After SHTF

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50 Places to Search for Supplies After SHTF
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50 Places to Search for Supplies After SHTF
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A while back, I wrote about places to scavenge for supplies in a post-apocalyptic scenario. I thought I came up with quite a few ideas, but Reality Survival & Prepping made a list that’s over twice as long.

When thinking about scavenging, everyone’s first instinct is to head for grocery stores and restaurants. But if you think outside the box, you’ll realize there are many other places you could find useful items.

Even if you don’t find any food or water, you could still find barter items, spare parts for your vehicles, tools to help you fix your gear, materials to help you repair your home, or comfort items like toys for children or books for adults.

With that in mind, here’s his list of the top 50 places to scavenge for supplies after the SHTF. Also be sure to watch the video below for his commentary on these places.

50. Costco and Sam’s Club.
49. Grocery stores.
48. Home Depot and Lowes.
47. Gas stations.
46. Department stores.
45. Restaurants.
44. Gun stores.
43. Government buildings.
42. Auto parts stores.
41. Gyms.
40. Country clubs/golf courses.
39. Libraries.
38. Movie theaters.
37. Airports.
36. Marinas.
35. Restaurant supply stores.
34. Amusement parks.
33. Zoos.
32. Pet stores.
31. Feed/tractor supply stores.
30. Recycling centers.
29. Landfills.
28. Dumpsters.
27. Pharmacies.
26. Dentist offices. 25. Bakeries.
24. Ambulances.
23. Hospice centers.
22. Cruise ships.
21. Landscape centers.
20. Shipping Ports.
19. Train yards.
18. Grain elevators.
17. Factories.
16. Office buildings.
15. Urgent care clinics.
14. Fire stations.
13. Police stations.
12. Truck stops.
11. Daycare centers.
10. National Guard armories.
9. Hospitals.
8. Distribution centers.
7. Warehouses.
6. RV parks.
5. Prisons.
4. Schools.
3. Retirement homes.
2. Pawn shops.
1. Self-storage units.

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