5 Things You Must Know (And Do) If You Get Shot

5 Things You Must Know (And Do) If You Get Shot
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5 Things You Must Know (And Do) If You Get Shot
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Pretty much every survival site has lots of articles about the importance of owning guns for self-defense after the SHTF. Heck, we just published one the other day.

But it’s important to remember that preppers aren’t the only people stockpiling guns. Bad guys like guns, too. And after a widespread disaster, you can bet they’ll be using them while they loot stores and burglarize homes.

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The point I’m driving at is this: There is a very real possibility that during a major crisis, you could get shot. If that happened, what would you do?

I’m cautious when writing about first aid because I’m not an expert. I’ve taken basic first aid classes and I know how to use the supplies in my first aid kit, but I’m not a doctor or even a nurse. So I prefer to defer to experts such as Dr. Joe Alton, M.D. of DoomAndBloom.net.

Recently, City Prepping made a video where he asked Dr. Alton five questions about what to do if you get shot. Here are the questions:

  1. What is it like to get shot and what is the first thing you should do?
  2. How much blood can I lose and still function?
  3. How can you tell how much blood you’ve lost by physical signs and symptoms?
  4. What should I do if I’ve been shot in the chest or abdomen?
  5. If I have a tourniquet, how and when should I use it?

The answers are a bit complicated, so rather than typing them up, I’ll just let you watch the video below.

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