5 Things You MUST Do Before SHTF

5 Things You MUST Do Before SHTF
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5 Things You MUST Do Before SHTF
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I know, I know, another list of things to do before the SHTF. I don’t care–this one is really good. I found it on the Youtube channel, Serious Survivor, and it’s a fantastic intro to preparedness. I typed up a summary below.

5. Take Into Consideration Things Like Health, Dental, Mental, And Vision – The better shape you’re in, physically and mentally, the better your chance of survival. Things like a tooth abscess or breaking your only pair of glasses could be disastrous.

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4. Maintain Your Vehicles By Performing Regular Work And Eliminating Any Problems – A reliable vehicle is crucial for bugging out or changing locations, and you may not be able to find a mechanic after the SHTF. Also, make sure the vehicle has a survival kit and extra car parts, oil, etc.

3. Make A Plan – If you don’t have a plan, then no matter how many supplies you have, you might not be able to survive. You need to know exactly what you’re going to do, how you’re going to gather your loved ones, how you’re going to get out of town, where you’re going to go, and so forth.

2. Hone Your Skills and Abilities While You Still Have The Chance – The worst time to learn how to build a fire is when you’re already cold, wet, hungry, and trying to survive. Learn survival skills involving fire, water, food, shelter, navigation, and self-defense, and practice using your gear.

1. Prep For Those Who Can’t Prep – This isn’t about people who could prep but don’t want to. This is about people are either physically or mentally unable to prepare for a disaster on their own. Make plans for the people in your life who rely on you such as elderly parents or small children or others.

You can watch his video below, and be sure to check out some of his other videos as well.

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