5 Things To Know BEFORE Going Into The Wild

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5 Things To Know BEFORE Going Into The Wild
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5 Things To Know BEFORE Going Into The Wild
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We’re in the heart of summer right now, and lots of people are going camping and hiking. It’s great that so many people are doing this. What’s not great are all the people heading into the wilderness without any knowledge of how to choose a good campsite. Camping in a bad spot could ruin your vacation and potentially cost you your life.

In this video, Black Scout Survival goes over 5 W’s to keep in mind when selecting a campsite, whether you’re camping for fun or surviving in the wild. They are:

1. Wind – Robs you of your body’s heat. If possible, find somewhere with a wind block such as trees, bushes, large rocks, a small cliff, etc.

2. Water – Make sure there is water nearby so you’ll have it to drink and to put out your fire, but don’t camp too close to the water or you might get wet or flooded.

3. Wood – You want somewhere trees have fallen down. This wood will be dry and perfect for fires. Just make sure it isn’t sitting in the water or mud so they’re not too wet to use for fire.

4. Widowmakers – Beware of dead branches that can fall and kill you. Watch out for any limbs that are mostly broken or just hanging from vines.

5. Wildlife – Beware of deadly snakes and animals where dangerous animals might be coming and going.

Watch the video below for more information.

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