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5 Brilliant Things Grandma Did With Leftover Coffee

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You also can use coffee as a dye for clothing if you have tie-dye fans in the house, or put that coffee in a spray bottle and use it as a natural degreaser for stoves and your outdoor BBQ grill.

3. Use it for personal care

While I’m fortunate that I never needed to try this, it was one of my grandma’s favorite “cures.” Coffee enemas came highly recommended by my mother and grandmother, as a means of “cleaning out the insides.” Coffee also can help to temporarily darken your hair. Use it as a final rinse to help hide those gray hairs and make your hair shiny. You also can use those old coffee grounds and mix them with coconut oil to make a natural exfoliating body scrub.

4. Use it for crafts

If you like doing crafts, then try painting a plain white sheet of paper twice with leftover coffee. Allow to dry between coats. You can do a third coat if you want your paper a darker color. This process makes plain paper look like antique, aged paper. You also can make your own custom colored yarn and wood by staining them with leftover coffee.

5. Don’t forget coffee grounds!

Leftover coffee grounds are also quite valuable. After drying them, put coffee grounds in a container and use them to deodorize just about any space: the refrigerator, car, closet, etc. Once they have done the job, mix them into the soil with your roses or other plants for a free fertilizer. My grandmother had the most beautiful roses and she often attributed it to old coffee ground and banana peels. Coffee grounds also can unblock a drain. Simply pour your grounds into the sink, add two or three drops of dish soap, followed by a large pot of boiling water.

Coffee grounds are the best slug and snail repellent. Those critters will not cross a line of coffee grounds, because the acid burns them. While slugs hate coffee grounds, worms are attracted to them, so add them into the soil for a nitrogen boost and attractive worm food!

Just a reminder that I am talking about plain black coffee here — no sugar or cream. Don’t forget to allow that coffee to cool down, too!

What uses for coffee would you add? Share your tips in the section below:

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