40 Essential Knots Every Survivalist Needs to Know In The Outdoors

Do you know the essential knots for survival? Each of these different knots serve a particular purpose. Whether you’re a hiker, a camper, a fisherman or a sailor, it’s important to know which knot is the right one for the job. Otherwise, the knots won’t help you out in a life-and-death scenario. It’s difficult to memorize all the different knots and their uses. So, whether you’re prepping for the unknown or a weekend camping trip, it’s important to do your research to figure out what types of knots there are and what they’re good for.

How Many of These Essential Knots Can You Tie?

Once you know which essential knots you need to survive, all it takes is a little practice to master them. In no time you’ll be able to remember how to tie these knots successfully. We’re here to help you get started with this infographic, courtesy of Wide Open Spaces, that illustrates 40 different ways to tie essential knots for outdoor situations. Take a look at this list and start practicing the essential knots that are most useful for you.

how to tie essential knots

  1. Overhand knot
  2. Double overhand
  3. Figure eight knot
  4. Running knot
  5. Granny knot
  6. Sheepshank
  7. Square knot
  8. Bowline
  9. Sheet bend double
  10. Sheet bend
  11. Overhand bow
  12. Double carrick bend
  13. Bow knot
  14. Figure eight double
  15. Clove hitch
  16. Half hitch
  17. Timber hitch
  18. Killick hitch
  19. Halyard bend
  20. Rolling hitch
  21. Fisherman’s bend
  22. Two half hitches
  23. Hitching tie
  24. Tiller’s hitch
  25. Cat’s paw
  26. Blackwall hitch
  27. Midshipman’s hitch
  28. Lark’s head
  29. Sailor’s knot
  30. Miller’s knot
  31. Marlinspike hitch
  32. Fisherman’s knot
  33. Surgeon’s knot
  34. Fisherman’s eye
  35. Slippery hitch
  36. Stevedore’s knot
  37. Lariat loop
  38. Bowline on bight
  39. Taut-line hitch
  40. Chain hitch

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