4 ‘Survival Nuts’ Your Great-Grandparents Foraged For Each Fall

Not that long ago, foraging for nuts was a staple of homesteaders and survivalists – a skill that nearly everyone, no matter their background, practiced. Today, though, few people forage for nuts … even though the food is plentiful and free.

But plenty of modern-day homesteaders are re-discovering this lost art, and on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we talk to one of the nation’s top foraging experts — Mark “Merriweather” Vorderbruggen, the author of Foraging.

Merriweather learned about foraging at a young age, and he tells us about four nuts that every homesteader and survivalist should know.

Merriweather shares with us:

  • How to know if a wild nut is ready to eat.
  • Which nuts are most prominent and easy to find.
  • How to easily get rid of the bitter taste in the most popular wild nuts.
  • Which popular nut is poisonous and should never be eaten.
  • How to crack and process even the toughest of nuts.

Finally, Merriweather tells us the simple trick you can use to discover if a nut is ripe or ruined – without even cracking it! Don’t miss this educational-but-practical show that will transform how you view fall foraging!

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