37 Urban Survival Skills

It is definitely a fascinating challenge to apply urban survival skills you have mastered in your everyday life.

37 Useful Urban Survival Skills to Have

Why Do You Need Urban Survival Skills?

Visions of zombies flooding the streets might come to mind, but in the real world, there are still a lot of dangers that we have to face or prepare for. If you look at the current events in our country, you will always find plenty of good reasons to have or learn urban survival skills.

In the end, it's your urban survival skills that can save your life. It doesn't matter if the threat comes from your job, your neighborhood, the road, or right in your own home. You're a prepper/survivalist and you will try everything you can to help yourself and your loved ones get through difficult scenarios. Here are some abilities that you need to learn and master.

1. Open a Can Barehanded

How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20 Photo by Crazy Russian Hacker [Youtube]

A can opener may not be around when you need to access your precious supplies. Learn this trick to stop depending on the device.

2. Cook the Old-Fashioned Way

 Cook the Old-Fashioned Way | Urban Survival Skills
COOKING SKILLS: 8 Reasons To Hold Onto Old Cookbooks Photo by Survival Life

Old recipes not only taste better, but they also help preserve our culture.

3. Survive a Fight

Survive a Fight | Urban Survival Skill
Ways to Survive in a Fight Photo by Survival Life

With all the violence going on, you need to be ready for any attack. Acquire skills that'll help you survive a fight, or better yet, win. This will prevent anyone from planning to attack you in the future.

4. Tampon Hacks

Tampon Hacks | Urban Survival Skill
The Tampon Survival Kit Photo by The Man Mag

Find out how to repurpose a sanitary item in ways you never imagined. This compact item can come in handy in a number of situations.

5. Unexpected Survival Tricks

Unexpected Survival Tricks | Urban Survival Skill
Camping Hacks That Might Actually Save Your Life One Day Photo by Buzz Feed

Hacks like these make being a survivalist fun and interesting. Always keep an open mind and be ready for any situation.

6. Pointers from the Modern Age

Pointers from the Modern Age | Urban Survival Skill
Survival Tips from Pop Culture Photo by Survival Life

There are more lessons that can be learned from today than ever before. Use them to your advantage.

7. Grow your Own Food

Grow your Own Food | Urban Survival Skill
Survival Gardening Plants For Spring Photo by Survival Life

Because you can't depend on the market or someone else to sell you food when the economy collapses. Growing your own food will give you reassurance that you'll survive any shortage.

8. Use a Tin Can in Every Possible Way

Use a Tin Can in Every Possible Way | Urban Survival Skill
Survival Hacks Could Save Your Life One Day Photo by Viral Nova

There's always a lot to learn when it comes to repurposing. Tin cans are an especially great item to turn into various tools.

9. Make Tea for Vitamin C

Make Tea for Vitamin C | Urban Survival Skill
Homemade Herbal Peppermint Tea Bags Photo by Vermont Farm Heart

Tea with vitamin C is a great source when you need to boost your immune system in the winter.

10. Escape a Shooting

Escape a Shooting | Urban Survival Skill
Tips For Surviving A Workplace Shooting Photo by Talking Points Memo

A safety expert shows you how to get out alive when your workplace is attacked. Learn how to escape a shooting from any intruder.

11. Get Rid of a Tail

Get Rid of a Tail | Urban Survival Skill
Get Rid of a Tail Photo by Wired

Know when someone is following you and what to do. Stay alert on the road and think about how you can get rid of a tail. This can save your life or at least prevent anyone from following you.

12. Make a Long-Lasting Flashlight

Make a Long-Lasting Flashlight | Urban Survival Skill
Make a Long-Lasting Flashlight Photo by Captive Reefs

A reliable light source may not always be available. Make sure you're always prepared and ready if there's a power outage.

13. Fix your Bugout Bag

Fix your Bugout Bag | Urban Survival Skill
How to Fix Every Common Zipper Problem Photo by Life Hacker

Parts will break as you use your gear to the fullest. Learn how to fix them.

14. Prepare Survival Food

Prepare Survival Food | Urban Survival Skill
Prepare Survival Food Photo by DIY Projects

It is important and to have food that won't go bad for a long time. One of the most important items in your urban survival kit list should be emergency food.

Certain Foods | Urban Survival Skill

If you didn’t see exactly why you should keep Certain Foods in your pantry… CLICK HERE

15. Make Water Safe to Drink

Make Water Safe to Drink | Urban Survival Skill
Water Pasteurization and the WAPI Photo by Food Storage and Survival

Having a WAPI ensures that you won't put dangerous microbes into your body. This is especially great for urban disaster survival.

16. Light up the Darkness with Tuna

Light up the Darkness with Tuna | Urban Survival Skill
Eight Household Items That Could Save Your Life Photo by Outside

When the grid is down and you have no light source, a can of tuna can save the day or night. You can turn your emergency food into an urban survival equipment fit for any blackout.

17. Turn a Battery into a Firestarter

Turn a Battery into a Firestarter | Urban Survival Skill
How To Start A Fire With a 9V Battery Photo by Survival Life

Use electrical energy to light a fire. This is one of the best urban survival essentials you need to keep yourself warm and fed in any situation.

18. Defend your Home from Invaders

Defend your Home from Invaders | Urban Survival Skill
Defend your Home from Invaders Photo by Big Stock

Learn to protect your house and family from invaders. One of the essentials of urban survival prepping is establishing a safe home.

19. Resurrect Dead Batteries

Resurrect Dead Batteries | Urban Survival Skill
Bring Dead Ni-Cad Batteries Back to Life | Prepper Skills Photo by Survival Life

We live in an electronic world, so know how to get those gadgets to work. Your urban survival backpack should have a few extra batteries just in case

20. Repurpose Soda Cans

Repurpose Soda Cans | Urban Survival Skill
Aluminum Upcycling: New Life for Old Cans Photo by Recycle Nation

Turning your garbage into very useful items is one of the best urban survival tips to remember. Don't just throw them away. Keep them and turn them into useful items for preppers.

21. Survive Anywhere in the World

 Survive Anywhere in the World | Urban Survival Skill
How To Survive Living In A Foreign Country Photo by Thought Catalog

Here's what you need to do when things get awry and you're in a strange place.

22. Get Out of a Dangerous Situation

 Get Out of a Dangerous Situation | Urban Survival Skill
Get Out of a Dangerous Situation Photo by Alpha Outpost

Find ways to get safely out of a hostage or terror scenario. This may be one of the most useful skills in an urban survival guide.

23. Exit a Car Before it Sinks

Exit a Car Before it Sinks | Urban Survival Skill
Escape a Sinking Car Photo By Prepare and Protect

It’s imperative to get out of the vehicle before it reaches the bottom. Break the window as soon as your car hits the surface of the water to give yourself enough time.

24. Escape Zip Ties

Escape Zip Ties | Urban Survival Skill
How to Escape from Zip Ties Photo by Imminent Threat Solutions

It’s not easy to break free from zip tie, or so you think. This isn't something books will teach you but it's an essential.

25. Practical Intelligence

Practical Intelligence | Urban Survival Skill
Practical Intelligence Photo by Big Law Business

Sometimes all you need is to think out of the box or adjust to the situation. Approaching any situation with flexibility will help you get through anything.

26. Live Through Winter

Live Through Winter | Urban Survival Skill
Live Through Winter Photo by Step by Step

Even when you're indoors, the coldest season can be unforgiving.

27. Make Waterproof Firestarters

Make Waterproof Firestarters | Urban Survival Skill
The Two Best Methods to Make Waterproof Matches Photo by Food Storage and Survival

It's important to be able to start a fire whatever the weather throws at you.

28. Be Street-Smart

Be Street-Smart | Urban Survival Skill
Be Street-Smart Photo by David Ickle

Learn all the skills necessary to get through a bad situation, starting with awareness. The best survival books will tell you being street-smart can be as good as book-smarts.

29. Hide in Plain Sight

Hide in Plain Sight | Urban Survival Skill
Ways to Make Camouflage at Home Photo by Survival Life

To any survivalist, the benefits of using camouflage no longer need to be discussed.

30. Answering a Door Safely

Answering a Door Safely | Urban Survival Skill
Answering a Door Safely Photo by Frame Pool

If you're not careful, bad guys can invade your home from your front door. Answer your door safely to prevent any intruders from entering your home.

31. Stay Fit

Stay Fit | Urban Survival Skill
Arm Exercises Without Weights Photo by Made Man

Being in top shape is important if you want to make it through any survival situation. This is an imperative in any urban survival books.

32. Be like Harry Houdini

Be like Harry Houdini | Urban Survival Skill
Harry Houdini, 1874-1926: The Great Escape Artist Photo by Learning English

No one wants to be held captive, especially people like us. An expert shows us how to escape bound hands.

33. Know What to Expect

Know What to Expect | Urban Survival Skill
National Disaster map Photo by Crisis HQ

If you have an idea of what could happen in a certain place or condition, you are better equipped to survive.

34. Keep your Cool on the Road

Keep your Cool on the Road | Urban Survival Skill
UK Weather: How to Sleep in Hot Weather and Other Tips to Stay Cool Photo by BBC News

Don't turn a simple trip into a life-and-death situation. Always try to stay calm on the road to approach any situation logically and in a safe manner.

35. Deal with Urban Terror

Deal with Urban Terror | Urban Survival Skill
Things to Do to Survive a Terrorist Attack Photo by Sputnik International

It has happened, and it's still happening, so it's best to learn how to deal with senseless violence.

36. Hunker Down in Your Car

 Hunker Down in Your Car | Urban Survival Skill
Car Snap Photo by Costea

Your personal transport does not have to be a tank or tricked-out zombie survival vehicle to help you get through the night.

37. Save Yourself from an Active Shooter

 Save Yourself from an Active Shooter | Urban Survival Skill
How To Prevent And Survive A Random Active Shooter Incident Photo by Sacramento Elite Patrol

Hard as it is to accept, but we all need to learn how to handle this new kind of terror.

Watch this video from The Survival Outpost for urban survival tips in the concrete jungle:

Master these survival skills, and you might just be able to save your own or someone else's life when society collapses. Take this as a list of things to add to your urban survival manual and make every day a lot safer for you and your family.

Do you have your own set of urban survival skills? Mention them in the comments section below!

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