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Your ability to create a survival shelter in a snap could be the difference between life and death in a real emergency…

When you need a shelter fast, you’ve got to make due with what’s around you. Some of the best survival shelters in the world can be made using little more than a few tree branches and a bit of skill.

How To Use Tree Branches To Build Survival Shelters

Imagine you’re lost in the wild, alone, and it’s getting darker and colder. You need a place to stay at night but you don’t have a tent or a hammock. This would be the time for you to make your own survival shelter. Using the natural resources around you, like tree branches, build a simple, little place where you can sleep or wait until the sun rises again the next day. Read the tips below and learn how to make a survival shelter from tree branches.

Lean-to Survival Shelter

A lean-to shelter is a pretty basic design and it’s quite easy to make, even if you don’t have a lot of tools in your gear. You can vary your ways when you build this type of shelter. But the basic thing is it’s leaning against something and one side is open. What’s great about a lean-to shelter is you don’t need plenty of sophisticated tools and materials to build it.

A-frame Survival Shelter

An a-frame survival shelter is basically a double lean-to shelter. You need to use more branches to build it but it’s still fairly easy to make. The essential materials to construct this type of shelter are long, pole-like tree branches to use as the ridge. You also need sturdy, forked branches to prop the ridge.

Teepee Survival Shelter

Teepee Survival Shelter | Create Survival Shelters Using Tree Branches | Survival Life
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Building a teepee survival shelter from tree branches is also an option, assuming you have more time in your hands. Find a slim tree trunk, which you can use as the center support; then, create a cone-shaped structure using branches. If there are no slender trees around, make a stand-alone teepee instead. Just look for three long, sturdy, pole-like branches to use as the foundation. Use thin branches, leaves, or twigs to cover your teepee.

Basic Tips When Building A Survival Shelter

Basic Tips When Building A Survival Shelter | Create Survival Shelters Using Tree Branches | Survival Life
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  • Don’t build your shelter in a ditch, a ravine, or any other place where rainwater could potentially accumulate. Keep distant from rivers as well.
  • Make sure the ground is not damp. If it is, cover the ground with leaves and smooth twigs.
  • Remove the sharp edges of the branches to keep yourself from getting injured.
  • Don’t use rotten or extremely dry branches. Aside from being a fire hazard, they are not exactly sturdy.
  • Set up your shelter in a space, which is relatively free from rocks.
  • Don’t hurt living trees as much as possible.

Learn how to build a shelter using primitive technology in this video by Fritz Meinecke:

From tree branches to leaves, use just about anything to build a survival shelter. You don’t even need fancy tools to build one. As long as you stay resourceful and creative, you can find a way to survive in the wilderness and make things from scratch.

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