3 Most Likely Global Disaster Scenarios

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3 Most Likely Global Disaster Scenarios
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3 Most Likely Global Disaster Scenarios
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Have you ever heard of actuarial science? Neither had I. According to this video, it is “the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions.” In other words, it’s the science of finding out how likely a disaster is.

This is an interesting topic because the likelihood of various disasters is usually not what you might think. For example, many people are afraid of terrorism, but you’re actually more likely to die choking on food than you are to die in a terrorist attack. Far more likely. (Of course, that could change if terrorists ever acquire weapons of mass destruction, but that’s another topic.)

In this video, Canadian Prepper talks about all types of disasters: personal disasters, local disasters, and global disasters. Most of the video is focused on global anthropogenic (man-made) disasters and how likely they are. According to him, the three most likely global disasters are:

1. Global Pandemic – Social unrest, shortage of resources, WROL, martial law. It’s only a matter of time according to numerous scientists.

2. Economic / Ecological Disaster – Droughts, pestilence, etc. would affect the economy and could lead to oil shortages, nuclear disasters, and pollution (which would further hurt the economy). All of that means increased crime, food shortages, housing problems, and so forth.

3. World War III – Nuclear war is unlikely as the powers that be understand mutually assured destruction. However, World War III could be waged via cyber warfare and economic warfare, which could still be devastating for the average family.

What I’ve written hear barely scratches the surface of this topic, so be sure to watch the video below for more information.

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