25 Things NOT To Do If You Bug In

25 Things NOT To Do If You Bug In
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25 Things NOT To Do If You Bug In
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There are countless articles and videos with lists of tips, hacks, and things to do if you bug in during a disaster. However, there aren’t many lists of things NOT to do. That is the subject of this video by Reality Survival.

If you’ve never bugged in for an extended period of time without power, then you probably have no idea all the mistakes people make when doing this. If you’re not careful, you could get your family sick, draw unwanted attention, waste your resources, and even get yourself killed.

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Here’s his list:

Don’t burn treated wood because the chemicals in it could make you sick.

Don’t cook inside unless you have an exhaust system or you will get carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don’t board up the windows from the outside. Rather, board them up from the inside.

Don’t cook with galvanized metal containers because of the dangerous chemicals in them.

Don’t burn green lumber or pine in your fireplace or stove.

Don’t assume your walls will provide you with functional cover.

Don’t try to heat your entire house. Instead, keep everyone in one room.

If you’re manually flushing toilets, make sure there’s enough water in the S-trap so no sewer gases get into your home.

Don’t let any light shine out of your windows. You don’t want to draw attention.

Don’t run your generator inside your home or garage or you’ll risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don’t drink water without treating it or boiling it, even tap water.

Don’t let candles burn unattended. They cause a lot of house fires.

Don’t use space heaters without proper ventilation.

Don’t answer the door without a firearm and someone watching the back entrance.

Don’t sleep without at least one person on watch.

Don’t store fuel close to an open flame or any heat sources.

Don’t barricade all the exists. You need one or two you can open easily.

Don’t go outside during daylight hours if you don’t have to.

Don’t allow trash to accumulate outside your home.

Don’t run your generator unless you have to.

Don’t give warning shots to intruders.

Don’t respond to a ruse. Never trust a stranger.

Don’t leave your cars parked outside. Back them into the garage.

Don’t let your pets outside unless you have to.

Watch the video below to hear him discuss each of these bug-in mistakes in detail.

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