25 Survival Uses for Rubber Bands

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25 Survival Uses for Rubber Bands
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25 Survival Uses for Rubber Bands
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Everyone has a few rubber bands somewhere in their home, probably in the bottom of their junk drawer. When I was a kid, my brother and I shot them at each other. I even had a rubber band gun (until he stole it from me).

You might be surprised to learn that rubber bands aren’t just good for shooting at each other. In fact, there are at least 25 survival/everyday uses for rubber bands. In this video, Sensible Prepper demonstrates them.

Here’s his list:

  • Keep small items together (such as note cards).
  • Stop soap/lotion dispensers from dispensing too much.
  • Label charged and uncharged batteries.
  • Make handles (such as a mallet handle) easier to grip.
  • Keep small tools and items organized.
  • Keep pens and penciles together and organized.
  • Keep your paracord roll from unraveling.
  • Make a strap for your reading or sunglasses.
  • Label your drinking cup or bottle.
  • Unscrew a screw that’s been stripped.
  • Keep cords together and organized.
  • Use different colors to identify cords.
  • Open a jar with a lid that’s on too tight.
  • Use a rubber band to make a pony tail.
  • Strap gear (such as a flashlight) to your bag.
  • Keep containers from opening inside your bag.
  • Use a rubber band to erase pencil writing.
  • Keep your sleeves secure against your arms.
  • Keep your pants legs secure against your legs.
  • Use a rubber band as a chip clip.
  • You can also use them as fire starters.

Considering how useful rubber bands are, you might want to purchase a bag if you don’t already have some. They’re very affordable. Watch the video below to see these uses demonstrated.

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