25 Survival Uses For Leather Belts

There’s an old saying that knowledge weighs nothing. You can only carry so many survival tools, especially if you’re bugging out on foot or have to leave in a hurry. However, you can carry an almost limitless amount of knowledge – if you take the time to learn.

I highly recommend taking the time to learn about survival uses for everyday objects. That way if you’re ever in a survival scenario but don’t have your tools, you’ll be able to make do with what you have.

Belts are something probably half of you wear every day. Since it’s always with you, you may as well learn how to use it. In this video, Sensible Prepper goes over 25 survival uses for belts.

Now keep in mind, he’s talking about leather belts. A cloth belt might not work for some of these. Here are some of the ideas he suggests:

  • Roll clothes into an easy-carry bundle.
  • Hang food off the ground to keep critters away.
  • Wrap up and carry firewood.
  • Create a strap / longer handle for buckets.
  • Create a sling in case your arm is hurt.
  • Use it as a tourniquet.
  • Use it as a rope to lower supplies.
  • Use it as a rope to pull someone up.
  • Use it as a lifeline for someone stuck in the water.
  • Use it as an improvised weapon.
  • Use it as a strop to keep your knives sharp.
  • Use it as a pot holder.
  • Use it to pull yourself up when climbing a tree.

Be sure to watch the video below to see these ideas demonstrated and to learn some other ideas. He also talks about various types of belts and which ones are best for survival.

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