20 Global Catastrophes to Prepare For NOW

Yes, it is important to be prepared at all times of any type of disaster that may come our way. Global catastrophes are on the increase and here is a list of twenty that everyone should be ready for. It can mean the difference between life and death.

Economic Collapse

We should begin to depend on ourselves rather than on the system. Invest in a piece of land that can become your bug out place later if SHTF. You can grow your own food or raise your own animals in order to become self-sufficient.

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Water Crisis

The latest study by NASA reports that out of the 37 largest aquifers worldwide, 21 of these are being used up much quicker than they can be refilled. It’s not getting any better with droughts occurring in every continent. You will have to dig ponds, bury cisterns, collect 55-gallon drums for treated water, eliminate leaks, and determine the use of water by importance as well as a necessity.

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Predicting as to when, where and how strong (intensity level) an earthquake will be is easier said than done. Despite modern architecture attempting to deal with the destruction it gives on structures, it is best that we still learn to drop, cover and hold on technique. Having an earthquake preparedness kit ready and within reach is most important.

Space Weather or Solar Kill Shot

This is a rare yet a very real plausible disaster that can happen globally. It is also very unpredictable. If it does happen, it can result in a total power grid failure. Preparing solar panels, manual charging tools and, if possible, hydropower equipment can be your fallback options. Flood


This is a by-product of global warming. Unpredictable rainfalls, accelerating the rise in sea levels and increased risk of vicious coastal flooding are only among the few tragedies that is about to happen. Partnering with GFP (Global Flood Partnership) and GloFAS (Global Flood Awareness System) will ensure proper, systematic, well planned out preparations also on a global scale.

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Heat Waves

Most fatal heat wave claimed 70,000 victims in Europe back in 2003. Know the vocabulary on heat wave terms used by weather forecasters. Listen closely to local weather forecasts or a NOAA Weather Radio. Undergo First Aid training on heat-related emergencies and most importantly plan and prepare with your family on a regular basis. wildfire


More often than not is caused by heatwaves which are also a result of global warming. You can start preparing by placing a defensible space around your home or property by clearing it from combustible materials. For a complete guide, you can check ReadyForWildfire.org.


This event can happen almost anywhere and possibly everywhere all at once. It is triggered by different forms of underwater disruptions such as a landslide, volcanic eruption, earthquake or a huge meteorite falling from space. Know your local tsunami early warning system, evac and disaster plans. It is best to plan ahead for your family as well.

Volcanic Eruption

Scientists of the USGS Volcano Hazards Program work alongside with other partners that monitor volcanic activity to be able to determine the earliest sign of a possible eruption. With the help of scientists from the U.S. Volcano Observatories to the role of local government officials, it is your responsibility to learn, follow and prepare for such emergency situations.


Other than desperately trying to make your home withstand major damages brought about by a hurricane, the proper way to prepare for such a disaster is by having your property insured. You have to make sure that it is a recognizable brand, have been proven and tested by major calamities, the capacity to deal with claims the quality of reinsurance contracts, the management team, and so much more. Don’t forget to have a safe room installed in your house.


Learn how to grow a garden in a dryer and hotter circumstances, apply good soil maintenance, manage your livestock and keep them healthy and reduce the risk of honeybee hives and the protect the next harvest are just a few tips to get ready for a drought. Tornado


Other than having a safe room to hunker in during a tornado it is essential for you and your family to practice a tornado drill on a regular basis. Continuous practice will become almost like second nature should such a disaster occur. Get rid of damaged branches of surrounding trees and secure loose furniture and other things that can be picked up by strong winds and become a projectile.


It can be a result of an earthquake, flood, a volcanic eruption, and strong winds. Proper land management such as land use zoning, correct design, professional inspections in coastal regions, canyons and mountains can either minimize or prevent landslides from happening.

Snow and Hailstorms

Advance planning and accurate preventive strategies will minimize or negate possible damages brought about by these disasters. Fortifying and storm-proofing your home is advised. Keeping your family ready at all times by devising an emergency plan with a kit isn’t enough. Do make sure that you insure your home with a proven and tested company.

Thunderstorms and Lightning

Identify risk areas and listen to a certified NOAA Weather Radio to get warnings. Have a Thunderstorm and Lightning safety plan that can accurately give you enough time for you and your family to get to safety. Stay indoors and refrain from using a corded phone. You should also steer clear of water pipes, wirings, and electrical equipment.


It occurs due to man-made or natural causes. Check for crack formation on a structure’s foundation and small holes around your property. Check with state or local geological surveys, USGS or country offices if soluble rock is prominent in geological maps of your country.

Infectious Diseases

The chance of getting infected with a communicable disease is very high. Knowing more about infectious diseases, then communicating it nationally and internationally will advance surveillance and detection efforts by concerned private and government companies. This will enable prompt detection of new infectious diseases including re-emerging ones and contain it from spreading further.

Simultaneous Terrorist Attacks

It is a real threat to people around the world. The governments should strengthen security and Intel. But as a citizen, it is also our responsibility to take necessary precautions and determine possible risks during our daily activities. Immediately report it to the proper authorities in order to thwart any possible threat effectively and without delay.

World War 3

If this happens everything you know in an ordinary day will utterly be useless. Build up different means to generate income. Make sure you’re physically fit and that your financial dealings have been all sorted out. Choose which news to watch and don’t leave any cookies online for third parties to learn what you’re up to.

Nuclear Bomb Radiation and Sickness

Always have an alternative bug out location that will be your atomic shelter. Plan ahead by stockpiling your basic needs starting from non-perishable food, water, medical supplies and other miscellaneous items. Continuously monitor the news and don’t cease to learn more about different types of nuclear weapons and their respective effects on the human body. If only every single person living in this world would be responsible towards caring for Mother Nature, the chances of surviving through a natural global catastrophe would definitely be greater. However, it doesn’t work that way at all. That’s why we should never rely on the government to be able to pull us out of a rut. We should devise our own strategy that is reliable and failproof since the only person that knows what we need based on geographical location is the US. Always prepare for the worst but at all times hoping for the best.

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Global Catastrophes | 20 Global Catastrophes to Prepare For NOW

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