18 Tips For Bug Out Vehicles

18 Tips For Bug Out Vehicles
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18 Tips For Bug Out Vehicles
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How much thought have you put into your bug out vehicle? I ask because, in my experience, most preppers don’t give it near as much thought as they should. They think that as long as they have a four-wheel drive vehicle and plenty of gas, they’ll be about to escape to their bug out location.

The truth is, that might not be enough. You want to make sure your vehicle has great tires, that it doesn’t draw too much attention, that it has enough room for your family and supplies, etc. That’s just three tips. Reality Survival & Prepping came up with 18 bug out vehicle tips you should learn.

Here they are:

1. Your daily driver can be your bug out vehicle.

2. Bug out vehicles could be a variety of different types of vehicles.

3. Look for a vehicle that is 7 to 15 years old.

4. Pick a subdued color if possible.

5. Keep the vehicle free from stickers or decals.

6. Have a minimum of 8 inches of ground clearance.

7. At a minimum have all-terrain tires – Mud terrain is best.

8. Add a toolbox or camper shell.

9. Choose a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

10. Choose an engine that uses gasoline.

11. Choose a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

12. Choose a vehicle with front and rear passenger seats.

13. Choose a vehicle with at least 300 Hp/Ft Lbs of torque.

14. Be sure to carry a variety of extrication equipment and tools.

15. Ensure the vehicle has a receiver hitch for towing.

16. Have a small trailer to bring with you so you can haul more gear and supplies.

17. Travel in a 2 vehicle convoy in case one vehicle breaks down & to better negotiate checkpoints.

18. Consider layering vehicles. A truck carries an ATV, or a mini bike, or bicycles, etc.

Watch the video below to hear his commentary on these tips.

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