17 Cool Container Homes To Inspire Your Own

Container homes are what you would imagine them to be. Rectangular, cozy, built from shipping containers, and cost way less than regular homes. Looking at container homes design ignited a crazy idea in me. Forget about a cabin in the woods. One of these shipping container home plans is up for building. Continue reading for your own shipping container house design idea!

Container Homes You Wish Were Your Own!

1. Elegant Modern Container Home


While this is an elaborate design for a container home and anything but a tiny house, you’ll love this. After all, it can pass for an architectural marvel. It’s an ultra-modern home for those who want to keep up. With straight lines, floor-to-ceiling windows with glass panels, it’s anything but recycled.

2. Luxury Shipping Container Home


Check this lovely tiny house listed in homes for sale at a jaw-dropping price of only $35,000! You never get cozy prefab homes at less than $40, 000. For your home extension or a guest house, spare yourself the hefty construction price. With 160 square feet of living space, you can have this complete with furnishings. It is also water and electricity ready via RV-style connections.

3. Modern Container Beach House


Beach houses and holiday homes cost a fortune, but we all love to have one. It is a good investment and it shouldn’t break the bank to build. These beach container homes look promising though some frown on the idea. There are building issues to consider such as the weather and maintenance cost. Check out the interior of this container home and see if it makes you smile instead.

4. Modern Design Container Home


Container home plans build from either single or many cargo containers. This modern container home used four shipping containers. The lower levels of the container home’s exterior used pre-rusted corten steel. The upper levels use expanded metal sheets. It also features floor-to-ceiling windows. And the interior is also like every other home.

5. House Built With 5 Cargo Containers

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This couple built this stunning house from 5 shipping containers. Whatever are your concerns in a shipping container house, it’s about to change. Take a tour of their container home and get inspiration for your own project.

6. Container Home And Studio


large greenhouse

If you’re a minimalist, you’ll love how this design managed to keep the original exterior of the cargo container. It gives it a rustic feel but the inside is still a homey and sweet vibe. If you have shipping containers for sale near you, this design is perfect.

7. Shipping Container Guest House


With this guest house design, your guests will definitely feel at home with the privacy of a separate dwelling. Watch out! They might stay a few more days beyond their scheduled leave. View the interior of this container guest house and you’ll see what I mean.

8. Tiny Scale Shipping Container House


Even a single container home can provide you with the amenities of a regular home. Check out the interior of this container home as design inspiration for your own project. With double shipping containers, they make great single-family homes.

9. Alterra Glamping Shipping Container Home


So you like the outdoors but dare not sleep on the ground? Build a long-lasting camp house without the expense using shipping containers. Check out the interior’s floor plan for more ideas here. Take container living to a whole new level with this stylish shipping container house.

10. Tiny Container Home


With this design idea for a container home, what matters is the inside. View the interior of this unit and see the possibilities of a container home. Don’t you find it cozy and welcoming too?

11. Container Guest House With Eco-Roof


No room for a guest house and a garden in your small yard? Take this container idea for a guest house with an eco-roof. This is sustainability and economy at its best. Take a tour of this container home here to get ideas for your own container home.

12. Cool Costa Rican Shipping Container House


Inexpensive and stylish, this container house is simple yet luxurious. This design for a container home is perfect for a lakeside or the mountain. The floor-to-ceiling windows will allow you a 360-degree view. View the floor plan here to see the possibilities for your own.

13. Stylish Cargo Container Home


This container home design had me going wow! You know it’s built with cargo containers but the transformation is amazing. For minimalist homesteaders, nothing could be more perfect. Take a tour of the interior and check the floor plan. It’s a tiny house with a great and cozy living space.

14. Modified Sea Container Home


If you don’t want traces of a sea container to reflect on your home’s exterior, you can always improvise. Apply paint or conventional wall panels to better suit your taste. Take this modern container home with a touch of traditional materials. Use wood paneling for the exterior wall to hide the original cargo container.

15. Container Studio With A Garage


Check out this design for a container studio that may well be your home, too! It has a two-door garage with an outdoor staircase. But you can make arrangement for a staircase indoors.

16. Rustic Container Country House


‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, indeed in this shipping container farmhouse. Check out the interior of this humble unit that rivals those of conventional homes. For minimalist homesteaders, this container home is fantastic.

17. Nomad Tiny Shipping Container Home


Now, isn’t this one of the cheeriest container homes you’ve seen? It’s a prefab container home with a cozy living space of almost 200 square feet. It also solar-powered, perfect for off-grid living with style. Wait till you the living space interior design and it’s sold!

Want the basics of building a shipping container home? Check this infographic!

How to Build a Container Home Ingographic | Also See 12 Cool Container Homes via https://homesteading.comHow to Build a Container Home Ingographic | Also See 12 Cool Container Homes via https://homesteading.com
image via My Green Home Blog

As with anything else, there are advantages, disadvantages, downsides and plus sides. Building a house, or homestead structure for that matter is not without its issues. To build a house from a recycled shipping container, or container living isn’t problem-free. Well, it sure didn’t stop a lot of homesteaders from trying their hand at it!

Want to see more? Check out the most amazing shipping container homes from Grig Stamate:

There you go, homesteaders! Home and building ideas using shipping and cargo containers. With shipping containers, you can build a home extension, a guest house, or an entire home. Now you know you can recycle shipping containers into your dream home without costing you a fortune!

Which container home got your attention right off the bat? Let us know in the comments below!

A true blue homesteader like you will dig these design ideas for self-sustaining homes!


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This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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