15 Improvised Weapons You Can Find Around the House

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15 Improvised Weapons You Can Find Around the House

15 Improvised Weapons You Can Find Around the House

When someone breaks into your home, you don’t usually get a five-minute warning. Oftentimes, you won’t even see the intruder until he’s already inside. If that happens, you won’t have time to run to your room and get your gun out of your safe. You might be forced to defend yourself with something that is only a few feet away.

In this article by Rusty from True Prepper, he goes over several household items you can use as a weapon, and he also explains how to use them as a weapon. To ensure your safety, I think it’s a good idea to go through each room in your house and make sure these improvised weapons are easily accessible.

Rusty writes, “Home intrusions can happen in a moments notice and catch even the well prepared off guard. While it may be nice to have a Mossberg shotgun in every room for self defense, it is not the most practical plan. Being able to defend yourself quickly could turn the tides in a bad situation. An improvised weapon could make the difference, allowing you and your family to escape or defend yourselves…” Follow the link below to keep reading.

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